Apple on pace to overtake Windows in platform war within two years

“Apple now sells one device for every two Windows devices, revealing that Microsoft’s huge advantage in the platform wars has rapidly decreased since the early 2000s, when the ratio was 56 Windows devices to every one Apple device,” Ashleigh Allsopp reports for Macworld UK.

Asymco has published a report that shows that, when taking into consideration all of the devices Apple sells, the ratio of the multiple of Windows units to Apple units has dropped to below two,” Allsopp reports. “The growth of the Mac is also apparent in the new report, which reveals that even when only taking OS X devices into consideration, Windows sells 19 units for every unit Apple sells, a much better result than the 56:1 ratio recorded in 2004.”

Allsopp reports, “‘Considering the near future, it’s safe to expect a ‘parity’ of iOS+OS X vs. Windows within one or two years,’ Dediu concludes.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. What innovation……..didn’t you hear Bill how say how Apple may have to make a Surface type machine? That’s innovation………hahahahahahahahahahha

      Still can’t get over that comment, does Bill really think he has some Jedi Knight mind control skills or what.

  1. Umm, that report needs to learn to do math. Apple has already overtaken Windows. Apple sold more Mac OS and iOS devices than Microsoft sold licenses for Windows and Windows Mobile combined in the past quarter. And iOS alone outsells Windows 7.

    Please note that last quarter Microsoft STOPPED touting the number of Windows licenses sold in their quarterly earning numbers precisely to prevent the media from figuring out that the tide had ALREADY TURNED.

    1. the other problem is that he should have been using the log of the ratios, not the ratios because his graphs all end at zero on the y-axis, and that makes no sense. in between 1 and 0 on his graph you have to cram in all the ratios where apple is selling more than microsoft.

    2. Come on Man! This is rubbish! A 2 year forecast in the tech World is futile. What we do know is 1.4 billion Windows users 66 miilion or so Mac Users. Long way to go and frankly Apple is way too oricey to dislodge the affordabke PC and tablet options available to consumers. I use both platforms and they both do what they do well.

      1. Dude, we’re talkin’ sales here not units in the wild. We are also talkin’ iOS AND Mac OS devices.

        Windows 8 now has 2 OSes, one for X86/Intel and one for ARM. They also have a phone OS. So does Apple. Microsoft will count every Windows 8 sale. Apple will count every device sold using Mac OS or iOS.

        The number of Apple’s devices sold is almost the same as the number of Windows devices sold and that includes phones and tablets.

        Apple makes a hell of a lot more money per device sale than Windows does.

  2. Hmm, that Apple dish is being served up pretty cold to Microsoft. Choke on it you undeserving Redmond a-holes! Couldn’t happen to a nicer company trying to hold on to it’s profits and hold back tech in general as a result. Well Apple will pry your neuropathic fingers off the brass ring for you!

    1. Profit is not a sin.

      Apple is a perfect example of harmony between customer experience and profit.

      Let’s not forget that Apple is a capitalist company; I would argue the best capitalist company in history.

  3. I’m starting to get my hopes, up so I hope this dude isn’t lying. It just seems so farfetched because I don’t think this premise is in Wall Street’s future valuation of Apple. I’ve never seen any articles talking about a beat-down of Windows by Apple or anyone else for that matter. It really seems more of an article to be taken with a ginormous grain of salt.

  4. what does “overtake” mean”?

    It’s quite disingenuous to include iPhones and iPod Touches in the count against all the big clunky windows boxes. It’s like all those stupid automobile commercials where the announcer claims the new machine is “best in class” without ever defining what the class is.

    If you’re going to count every device, then why not just boast on the fact that Apple will handily exceed MSFT in profits for years to come?

    If, on the other hand, you want to offer more detailed device comparison, then establish categories and entertain us by showing how poorly Windows Mobile is doing too.

    1. He also was including Windows Mobile/Phone/Whatever they call the next version for Microsoft.

      Of course, that only added 100 or so units . . . .

    2. He also counted Windows cash registers and point of sale devices.

      He did not count Xbox sales but they are just a rounding error anyway. Most are given away with a Kinect purchase.

  5. What is the big deal about this ‘war’?

    Woopee, you figured out how to train cockroaches to like eating sugar instead of shite. That’s an accomplishment?

    Windows lost the day it was released. It has consistently been an ‘also ran’ fake compared to both Mac OS and Mac OS X. The only ‘war’ has been one of rhetoric. Been there, done that, won it. 😛

    1. What was Gates thinking when he produced Windows, that he was creating a machine for the ages? He has to be the stupidist nerd on the planet to think he could build a computer starting with software first, and then slowly start folding in the hardware!

      Honestly, did the PC community ever catch on to the fact that the right hand never knew what the left was doing and, may have even withheld data from each other, compromising the computing experience?

      The truth is, they’ll never because they wasted all those years with cobbled machines.

      1. He didn’t think.

        He KNEW he was producing a legal money-printing business.

        And it worked pretty well. Still would if Ballmer would stop buying dying companies and trying to copy Yahoo!, Google, etc.

      2. Echoes of “Plug And Pray”.

        I entirely comprehend building your own PC and getting it to work, mostly. But I have never comprehended the rants against the Apple Method: Marrying the hardware and software together in perfect harmony. Echoes of “It Just Works”.

    1. You go to war with the Windows you have, and not the Windows you wish you had.

      That’s alright ’cause it’s not like the enemy can afford Macintosh anyway, and using OS X to win a war is probably against the Geneva Convention, in that it’s superiority can inflict unconventional damage. 😉

  6. I prefer to look at the most important number of all: earnings. At the end of the day, cash is king. The rest is mere bragging about how big mine is versus yours.

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