RUMOR: Apple preps ‘iPad mini’ with 7.85-inch Sharp IGZO display to retail for $249-$299

“The latest details claim Apple’s so-called iPad mini will be as thin as the iPad 2, according to anonymous sources who spoke with the Chinese-language site (translation, via Unwired View),” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The report also said that Apple’s smaller iPad will feature Sharp’s IGZO display technology, named for its use of indium, gallium and zinc,” Oliver reports. “The new screen would be optimized to reach 330 pixels per inch, according to the latest rumor.”

Oliver reports, “The new iPad is rumored to have a capacity of 8 gigabytes with a price between $249 and $299.”

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    1. You’re thinking consumer.

      An 8GB unit with a retina display and no 3G/4G would kill in what we call ‘clienteling’ which is basically mobile CRM for retail as well as a number of other verticals where data is nearby (i.e. on the same LAN) and the tablet is being used as a presentation layer and some business logic (like hospitality EPOS).

      A 16GB unit with cellular would also become a killer for mobile sales and service management: I could see that replacing the expensive ruggedised laptops that many of the global automobile recovery/service clubs (like the UK’s RAC and AA) use to manage calls.

      And then there are companies like Bosch who currently require mobile vehicle technicians to carry round laptops to plug into the ECUs via the ODB port so they can work out why the ABS doesn’t work or why the engine service light has come on.

      The iPad family is destined to be the definitive task/activity-based computing device for sales and service, as well as for diagnostics and institutional memory across both SMB and corporate markets; go and look at companies like Lightspeed (which used to be Xsilva) and Verifone (which purchased a company called Global Bay) to see where the iPad is going to be applied so long as Apple can deliver units that are cost-effective and optimal for those missions.

    1. The mini may be a category in the iPod touch family, either way I don’t see a larger device completely making the iPod Touch obsolete.

      Doesn’t make any sense that a 7+” device would kill a portable fit in your pocket iPod touch device.

      Plus that’s not how Apple works, rumors for years have been going around that the Classic iPod HD would be killed off and it still exists.

    2. may spell doom for one of Apple’s own products. The iPod Touch

      Oh the illogic threaded through the rumor mill ! ! ! Oh oh oh!

      The iPod Touch FITS IN YOUR POCKET.

      Unless you’re Captain Frickin’ Kangaroo (look him up please), you don’t have pockets that fit any ~7″ iPad ‘mini’. The only DOOM going on around here is for the idiotic ~7″ ‘mini’ rumors, no matter how insistent and persistent they may be.

      7″ pads:
      No market.
      No profit.
      No interest.

  1. Apple could easily dispatch the 7-inch android “competition” by simply calling the apple 7-in device an “iPod Grande.” That way the press will talk about how the iPad has no competition, only competitors who are going after the iPod market.

  2. i call shens. even macdailynews said that steve jobs said that the 9.7 inch form factor is ideal for a tablet. and apple only ships premium products. a tiny kindle fire like ipad cheapened up with other missing features is not what apple does

    1. To be fair, we already have a remote control for the Apple TV, for iPhone,iPod Touch & iPad.

      If and when the new Full HD Screened design of the rumored Consumer based Apple TV gets a release, you bet that Application will be update to control it also.

      1. What I have thought and posted before is this.
        It’s not a mini iPad nor is it a large iPod Touch.

        It’s a totally new product.

        Imagine the dimensions elongated 7.89 inches by say 4.25 inches. Closer to the wireless keyboard of today.

        This device would be useful also for interaction to gaming on the Apple TV. When it comes in close proximity to a iMac It will auto-syncs its data (photos and movies) by wifi and also act again as a keyboard for the iMac. When it is taken away from the iMac it acts more like a regular iPod touch. bring it again close to your Apple TV and it becomes the PVR / keyboard / gaming controller.

        Siri may not be a suitable search solution for Television due to ambient sounds from people and the show in progress. But a bluetooth keyboard does make sense. A virtual keyboard / device that also acts as a PVR storage for the Apple TV.

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