Apple ramping up production of new iMac with Retina display for October launch, say sources

“Apple’s supply chain reportedly will start supplying components for the mass production of Apple’s upcoming new iMac all-in-one PC in July with the device’s official launch possibly around October, according to sources from upstream supply chain,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“The sources also noted that Apple plans to expand Retina Display into all the product lines, meaning that the new iMac will have a high chance of featuring Retina display,” Lee and Tsai report.

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      1. The cost would likely be daunting for the iMac if the laptop is anything to go for. Maybe like that there could be a top of the range limited supply flagship as a sign of things to come or just a hike in the screen quality generally at this stage. We shall see but I will be there when it comes either way.

  1. DigiTimes probably made this up.

    It is very hard to do high-resolution screens of big size. This is why Retina first appeared on 3.5″ screen, then on 9.7″ screen, then on 15″ screen.

    So most probably Apple will at first ship smaller devices with Retina screens. 27″ screen will have to have like 3840×2160 resolution to be called Retina, so I am not sure it is possible to mass produce such screens on common (non-Sharp IGZO) technology this soon.

  2. ‘so I am not sure it is possible to mass produce such screens on common (non-Sharp IGZO) technology this soon.’

    So, what ARE you sure of derss?

  3. I call shenanigans. There’s really not a perceptible reason for them to do this.My iMac screen is really nice. The glare isn’t a problem in my studio. I see them improving on display technology, but Retina doesn’t seem to be needed in the equation.

  4. Somehow I suspect the MBP 13″ will be the next product to get a retina screen. Just in time for school this fall. Then after that, maybe the AIRs. Or perhaps the Retina screens will remain only a “Pro” feature for a long while. Until they become cheaper as components.

    I have no solid answers. Just guesses. Why am I not an analyst in this field?!?!?

  5. Bogus. If you read the awesome Anandtech review, you’ll see just how much work is involved in getting a Retina display to work. It’s not just slapping in a higher-res display. The whole graphics subsystem has to be there to support it, and even on a relatively small screen like a 15″ laptop Apple is already pushing the limits of Thunderbolt! Think about that: a 27″ iMac at the same ppi as a Retina MBP would need *two* Thunderbolt connections just to push that many pixels to the screen! Amazing. Now since iMacs sit further away from your face than laptops, Apple could make the iMacs lower ppi and still call them Retina, but the number of pixels is still incredibly high: I don’t see this happening until late 2013 at the earliest, both when displays are cheaper and faster Thunderbolt is available.

  6. Just get me a Mac Mini server that can hold two 1 TB hybrid drives (or larger) so I can replace my now useless G5 server that Apple antiquated by turning off remote access Mobile Me.

      1. I need 4 internal bays for HDs and don’t want a mess of cables on or under my desk.
        Single task, maybe, but multi tasking the Pro will run away and hide.

        1. PCIe SSD is internal, no cables and no drivers. Yes, you have the 4 drive bays, and you also have the lower optical bay that’s empty can be used, again, all internal. Your Mac Pro is still a potential single point of failure (think, fire, flood, theft) so you need some form of external or and/or cloud backup regardless.

  7. Sources has always been a liar, misinformed, clueless, and proven false more times than proven true. His cousin Experts is just as bad and his best friend Gurus is even worse at prognostication. Insiders is the worst of all.

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