RUMOR: Apple to launch upgraded 9.7-inch IGZO iPad this summer; displays to shift from Samsung to Sharp

“Apple is reportedly set to launch an upgraded 9.7-inch iPad in the summer of this year with the device shipment volumes expected to increase starting September, according to a Chinese-language Apple Daily report citing sources from market watchers,” Joseph Tsai reports for DigiTimes.

“The upgraded iPad is said to feature indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) panel technology to allow the device to feature an even thinner design and longer battery life,” Tsai reports. “Panel supply will be shifted from Samsung to Sharp, the paper noted.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If so, it’s certainly about time Apple starts hitting Samsung where it hurts!

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  1. It takes a long time to shift suppliers so this has been in the works for several years now. Samsung will start losing some revenue from now on and you know that if any supplier can match their expertise apple will switch to them when it is safe to do so.

    1. This is what I have long thought. Apple had to have had some contracts with Samsung. You can’t just stop using some one instantly for this level of supply.

  2. Obvious BS.

    While the IGZO screens have been rumored for a while, the current iPad only started shipping on 12 March of this year. A summer introduction of these IGZO iPads would mean they ship on or before 21 September of this year. That would mean *barely* more than a six month span for the current iPad.

    Apple has way, way too much invested in the development of the current iPad to ditch it in just six months. The current iPad is still killing the competition.

    IF (HUGE IF) the Slate significantly impacts iPad sales then Apple *might* speed up the iPad release cycle. However, I don’t see that happening.

    1. Although I don’t put much stock in rumours, even this one, it doesn’t necessarily mean a new product per se. Apple has switched components in the middle of a product cycle before. The first Verizon iPhone for example was still an iPhone 4 despite having different internals. A thinner screen could just mean a larger battery to fill in the space saved (maybe not–it might start getting too heavy). They probably wouldn’t make it physically thinner without a new product ID though, otherwise confusion about as to which iPad case and cover to get.

  3. No way
    Apple is the most conservative company out there in risk taking. They will first test on a small volume product before rolling it out to one of their most profitable products

    1. what? Are you insane? Conservative? Apple? Do you know what you are talking about? That Apple that killed the FDD? That Apple that ditched legacy connections like parallel/serial? That Apple that got rid of optical drives? That Apple that pushed for a tablet when everyone thought it is futile? That Apple that saw that Flash is dead? Everything before anyone else followed?! That Apple that reinvented SIX businesses?

      Apple is the LEAST conservative and the MOST progressive company. As Steve said :out with the old, in with the new.

      You know nothing about Apple.

    2. These days the term ‘conservative’ has been bastardized to mean anything fitting the opinion of the speaker. IOW it has been relegated to being just another meaningless propaganda term.

      I remember actual/factual sane conservativism before “THE CRAZIES” (Ronald Reagan’s term for Neo-Cons) took over and berzerked the world. I’d take real conservatives over this gang of dimwit nasties any day.

  4. No, no no. Absolutely a stupid rumor. Apple just released the New iPad, there’s no need to release a Newer iPad just a few months later.

    Do these people who make up these rumors really expect us to believe them?

        1. Apple WILL chip away at this relationship, piece by piece, as time goes on. The transition might be gradual, when other vendors have the capability and price points to allow it, of course. (So sell your Samsung stock, lol… if you have any… we’re not giving any props to Samsung here. Those thieves won’t be missed.)

          BTW: No one said they’re releasing a new model.

    1. If it happens this would be a silent upgrade. They would simply change one panel for the other. Customers wouldn’t know the difference unless they were totally into reading sites like this. You wouldn’t see the difference. Perhaps side-by-side there would be slight differences of appearance.

      This probably happens from time to time with other components. Just not one with such high visibility.

      1. I agree it will be silent if anything like this happens no one will know but apple. I will give you an example there are two different versions of the A5 in the iPad 2. Apple never announced that change but change it they did. Thats why there are two different versions of iOS 6 on the apple dev sight. One for the first A5 Version and one for the Second A5 version.

  5. I agree with ShadowSelf, BUT, Apple made it a distinct point NOT to slap a number on the end of the NEW iPad. This would give them better opportunity to bump specs up between annual refreshes. Nothing is for certain but I’m certain Apple had multiple reasons for not releasing an iPad “3” and this is possibly one of them.

  6. The geniuses at MDN think that all you need to manufacture display panels is a big factory building and cheap Chinese labor. The possibility that it might involve cutting edge tech that takes years to refine, proprietary fabrication techniques, long-term supply contracts and highly-trained workers never crosses their minds. Nor does the need to meet Apple’s very high quantity requirements and even higher quality standards. If it were up to MDN, Apple would cut off its nose to spite its face by walking away from Samsung demonstrated ability to perform and entrust its product future to companies that, so far, haven’t been able meet expectations.

    Fortunately, Apple is run by disciplined adults who are not as willing to gamble the company’s hard-won reputation for quality as MDN is. They have suppressed their desire for quick vengeance on Samsung by methodically working to shift production to other technologies and suppliers when their maturity permitted (and thus demonstrating a maturity that MDN sorely lacks when it questions Apple and viciously attacks Tim Cook on these issues).

    If Apple is anything, it is the first global Zen company – it knows patience is a virtue and that if you stand by the river you’ll get to watch the body of your dead enemy drift by. Samsung’s time is coming, and by this account and others, very likely soon…

  7. MDN – you really need to stop re-posting anything from DigiTimes. it is beyond any question the most inaccurate Apple rumor source in the world.

    this post is a perfect example – it’s ludicrous on its face.

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