Apple wins U.S. preliminary injunction against the Samsung/Google Galaxy Nexus over Siri patent

“Judge Lucy Koh of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California has just granted Apple a preliminary injunction against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, an Android-based smartphone co-developed by Samsung and Google,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

“The ruling is a huge win for Apple and Morrison & Foerster, the law firm working on this part of the litigation,” Mueller reports. “Apple and its lawyers convinced Judge Koh that the Galaxy Nexus likely infringes all four of the patents asserted in the preliminary injunction motion, and that all four of them are likely valid. But in the United States, injunctive relief is granted only if monetary damages are insufficient to make the right holder whole, and if other requirements are met. Courts apply the four-factor eBay v. MercExchange test. Apple’s motion passed that test with respect to the “Siri patent”, a patent on unified search. It must be a huge disappointment for Google to lose this lawsuit over a search patent.”

Mueller reports, “With respect to the other three patents at issue in this context — slide-to-unlock, data tapping and autocorrect –, Judge Koh was not convinced that those features drive consumer demand and that Samsung’s likely infringement causes irreparable harm. But Apple can still win an injunction when this case goes to trial, and even if it couldn’t prove an entitlement to injunctive relief over those patents at that stage, Samsung would be liable for significant damages.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: What’s this? Are the rusty gears of justice finally beginning to turn? If so, may they promptly grind slavish copier Samsung into submission.

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  1. What we need is a nice little limited nuclear war between North and South Korea. If the North wins, no more iPhone rip-offs. And even if they don’t, I’m sure the South Koreans would be taught a lesson they sorely need…

    1. James T. you are an idiot. Why do you root for a nuclear war because a company in Korea is ripping off an Apple product. Stupid is as stupid does. What lesson will the South learn if North Korea attacks.

    2. James – I am 100% with dapoktan here. There are lot of Koreans who are happy Apple customers. You on other hand most likely are not an Apple customer. Apple customers tend to be happy and satisfied bunch.

  2. We have only got two PRELIMINARY injunctions so far. Seems to me the courts overturn these kinds of wins into losses willy nilly. So I wouldn’t be celebrating just yet. We still need that killer blow that wipes the smile from faces of SamDung and eventually Schmidt.

  3. MDN sure has changed their tune with their latest take.

    The last time Apple won an injunction, all we got were snarky comments about Apple’s legal team and hints of MDN’s usual vendetta against Tim Cook when it comes to Samsung.

    Calling out the slow gears of justice is a far more realistic and accurate approach.

  4. Does this explain why Apple made the unprecedented move to include Siri in beta form on the 4S?

    On the ability of Siri to drive demand:

    “The Court is persuaded by the evidence in the record that the ’604 unified search functionality drives consumer demand in a way that affects substantial market share. Even accepting Samsung’s argument that the intelligent voice-recognition aspect of Siri, as advertised, also contributes to consumer interest in the iPhone 4S, Apple has shown that the ‘604 Patented feature is core to Siri’s functionality and is thus a but-for driver of demand for Siri. Accordingly, the Court finds that Apple has adequately established the requisite causal nexus between Samsung’s alleged infringement of the ‘604 Patent and Apple’s risk of suffering irreparable harm.”

  5. Samsung will find an excuse to keep selling their stuff and then claim damages from Apple.

    “This one is blue, so we can still sell these. And the one’s already on the shelfs . . .”

  6. At last someone else who can tell the obvious idiocy of these judges. This means nothing but to further solidify the divide between iOS/Android/Windows et al. Apple will continue to use the courts to stop competition (don’t even start now this “Samsung/Google copied blah blah blah… Apple didn’t invent ANY of this in question) until gov’t finally drops the big boot on them like they did Microsoft in the late 90s. It can’t happen soon enough.

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