Apple draws up blueprint for iTunes renovation

“Apple’s iTunes may be getting a facelift soon,” John P. Mello Jr. reports for MacNewsWorld. “The new iTunes Store will be rolled out later this year — most likely along with the next generation of Apple’s popular iPhone — and sport improved discovery and sharing capabilities, as well as better iCloud integration, according to a report by Bloomberg News.

“‘I think it makes perfect sense that Apple is thinking of doing a rework,’ Carl Howe, research director at the Yankee Group, told MacNewsWorld,” Mello Jr. reports. “The store needs to be re-engineered to keep up with the times, he said. “‘When iTunes launched in 2003, there was just music,’ he said. ‘Now we’ve got music and TV shows and apps and books.'”

Mello Jr. reports, “Apple’s online storage offering, iCloud, will be a crucial element to any iTunes redesign, according to IDC analyst Bob O’Donnell. “‘iCloud is critically important for Apple moving forward… Integration between iTunes and iCloud is OK now, but not great… So it makes perfect sense to pull those pieces together and make the sharing of media files as easy as it is with documents in iCloud.'”

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  1. Well the sooner the better for Apple when they move all their manufacturing away from Samsung, but I would still like to see the MacBook 17″ brought back where the lid is a iPad that can default to a 17″ for the MacBook Pro. It would blow anything out there right out of the water.

  2. I just hope they redo the plumbing of itunes and not just glom on more features. The unitary flat form itunes database has got to go—with the music files, PDFs, movies etc I have in my library, itunes is positively glacial.

  3. Why do these authors keep asking the braindead jerk Rob Enderle to contribute. If you look at his track record on anything Apple you will see that he doesn’t have a clue.

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