Where were you when the iPhone was born?

“Today is the [fifth] anniversary of the release of the original iPhone, and for Cult of Mac’s writers, it’s a particularly important birthday: not only does June 29th mark the anniversary of one of our most all-time beloved gadgets, but it’s also a day so momentous that it has rippled through every aspect of our professional lives as both Apple fans and writers,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“To mark the occasion, five of Cult of Mac’s writers got together to talk about where we were when the first iPhone came out, what it meant for us then and what it means for us now,” Brownlee reports.

Check out their stories, and tell Cult of Mac – and MacDailyNews (below)! – your stories – in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Cult of Mac‘s article appeared on the iPhone’s fourth anniversary, but it works regardless of the year.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David Martin” for the heads up.]

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      1. Lines? Pfft. I went to the Clarendon (VA) store at 5:30. Saw there was a line, said, “f— that.” So I went over to Mexicali Blues in had dinner and a couple beers. Walked by the Apple Store on my way home, encountered no line, bought my first iPhone and went home to spend the next two hours waiting for AT&T’s activation servers to allow me to connect.

      1. Dunno what I was using, it was the whatever the free Verizon feature phone with a USB connection was at the time. Even then I was using OnSync to keep my phone and Mac address books in sync.

  1. Of all things I was at a company testing about 80 different feature phones for a new media delivery service. I had jumped at the chance because I had heard that it had a connection with Cingular, which I had heard was getting the iPhone.

    Alas, it wasn’t anything to do with the iPhone, but when I bought mine, and brought it to work, I was instantly aware that what I was doing now was testing a pointless service on 80 devices which had been rendered instantly obsolete.

  2. Saw news of the event on tv. Didn’t pay too much attention to it as I had just got out of the wireless business the year before. 5 years changes a lot. I am almost fully converted to Apple, and I await every announcement like it’s Christmas morning. Funny though that the one device that still alludes me is the iPhone. Waiting for the new one later this year…

  3. Watched the keynote, knew I had to have one. June 29, 2007 I had a morning meeting so I sent my secretary to stand in line for me until I could arrive. Nice long line with lots of happy excited people waiting for the doors to open, which I believe was 4 or 5 o’clock for the first release.

    1. Balmy was the worse of the lot. His inane laugh about the new iPhone was priceless. He’s one of those people who goes down to the water to see what all the fuss is about just after the tide has rapidly receded.

  4. I was working at an Apple Store playing with before anyone else while the line outside the black curtain grew. One of the coolest moments of my life sharing it with some of the most fanatic Apple fans in the world.

  5. I was working on the stopmo film CORALINE in Hillsboro, Oregon. Man there was just a couple of us flashing our iPhones around, including one or two animators, like some private club. There are few times in my life I was as thrilled with a piece of amazing technology in my pocket.

  6. Actually, thought the phone was a bit underwhelming.

    Stood in line on the first day, dude handing out Day 1 iPhone shirts in the west LA mall when security shut him down, very slow line as AT&T authentication systems were crashing, moms walking by with baby strollers calling us “stupid” for waiting in line for a cell phone.

    Then, the phone didn’t do a whole lot. You had to scroll down hundreds of contacts to find a name to call, and don’t forget the AT&T data system crashed in many cities for the first week so the phone didn’t even work that well. Some stranger asked if he should get one that day and I told him to wait a few months.

    Not to mention, there were no apps, and I can’t remember the web apps at the time but I don’t think there were that many.

    So basically, I thought it didn’t do too much except have nice big buttons in the nice screen, the web looked great, and it was an improvement from my Handspring Treo that had rudimentary internet, apps, email, and phone from 5 years before.

    But I knew it had potential, that this was going to be bigger than the iPod, and it certainly was! Been in line on day one for 3 other versions, and am happy enough with this current one not to upgrade.

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