Illinois elementary school buys 650 iPads for students, 70 MacBook Airs for teachers

“The East Alton Elementary School Board moved forward with the plan to implement a One-to-One iPad initiative and approved a lease-to-purchase agreement at Tuesday night’s meeting,” Kathie Bassett reports for The Telegraph

“Required by the agreement to lease in bundles of 10 machines, the district plans to order 650 iPads for student use. An additional 70 MacBook Air laptops will be ordered for teachers to be able to write lessons that can be transferred to the students’ iPads,” Bassett reports. “The cost of the lease payment will be $129,000 per year, Superintendent Virgil Moore said. ‘We went through our current budget line by line and decided we could fund the leases ourselves. ‘When we looked at areas that we could reallocate funds from items we wouldn’t need to purchase once we have the devices, we were able to find $130,000.'”

Bassett reports, “District officials hope to have the iPads delivered by the end of July but plan to have them in hand by the time school resumes on Aug. 21.”

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  1. WHAT???!!

    They have the audacity to place an order for iPads when M$ just told the World that their amazing Surface is coming!!???


    Monkey-boy is gonna throw a fit!

    1. “Coming…” is the key word. It would be difficult for the school to implement vaporware into any educational program for the start of the September classes. Besides, how many apps would be ready for the ZunePad within the next couple of months? Like maybe a couple of hundred? After seeing the ZunePad crash during the demo, I think there’d be a number of potential purchasers who would be hesitant to take any chances with them. I’m also willing to bet that those ZunePads will be scarcer than hen’s teeth the first few months if components are difficult to acquire.

  2. With most towns, municipalities, cities, etc., broke, it’s nice to see they were able to find the money. I just hope it wasn’t the result of creative bookkeeping that comes back to bite the tax payers down the road.

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