Beleaguered RIM reportedly considers splitting business in two

“BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is considering splitting its business in two, separating its struggling handset manufacturing division from its messaging network, The Sunday Times reported,” Reuters reports.

“Potential buyers would include Amazon and Facebook, it reported, adding that RIM’s messaging network could also be sold, or opened up to rivals such as Apple and Google to generate income,” Reuters reports.

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Yeah, a BAD RIM, and a (not-so-sick, advertised as “healthy”) RIM, like they have done with banks in a number of countries.
      Then, within months, one of the 2 changes its name, so people “don’t remember” (And, in practice most don’t).

        1. Still, “undefined” is more about “0 divided 0” situation. Any number besides 0 in the first part would result infinity once you will try actually to apply a limit and “calculate” it.

          1. there are several types of undefined expressions: zero over zero, number over zero, zero over infinity, and infinity over zero just to name a few

  1. But if the Rimtanic is going down, splitting it in two might allow one half to float…for awhile, giving MDN & commenters further opportunities at humor.

  2. If those computer guys think they are going to get into the phone business, good luck.

    CEO RIMM 2007 …..

    Not exact word for word but you get the idea!

    1. Remember. The execs at RIM thought SJ’s iPhone demo was rigged!

      I’m pretty sure is their Twin CEOs had been Trojan, they would have said something like, “It’s just a big wooden horse… what harm could it possible be?”

  3. Must be frustrating and humiliating for the twin RIM CEO’s to know they might have done something about if they had taken the threat seriously and acted quickly but didn’t and end up destroying the company by their foolishness and incompetence. I hope other tech companies here on out realize denial is never a strategy.

  4. RIM is toast anyway you look at it. They have lost their edge and it’s not coming back. Apple’s mobile software is driving the market and everybody else is in a catch up mode. Even Microsoft is clueless. Watch those idiots buy Nokia next week. The surface is another Zune
    In the making. Why would anybody want that piece of crap..??

  5. A lesson for us all:

    I did a little search and found this link to Balsillie’s statement in response the iPad, Apple’s reality distortion field, Balsillie’s assurance that RIM’s Playbook would be a smash hit.

    Read from the comfort of more than a year’s detachment, the comments that follow, although providing me with entertainment, are also a lesson in hindsight humility:

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