Hon Hai Chairman urges consumers to wait for Apple’s iPhone 5; ‘will put Samsung’s Galaxy III to shame’

“Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, trading as Foxconn, is the manufacturer behind Apple’s iPhone and iPad in addition to manufacturing the Xbox for Microsoft and the Playstation for Sony,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “On Monday, Hon Hai’s chairman Terry Gou told China Times flat-out that he urges ‘consumers to wait for the launch of the iPhone 5,’ saying that ‘the new model will put Samsung’s Galaxy III to shame.'”

“One of the interesting pieces of information to come out of this announcement was that Chairman Gou revealed that Hon Hai had assigned two task forces to work with panel suppliers Sharp Corp. of Japan and Chimei Innolux Corp. of Taiwan on research into low-radiation, high-definition displays and eye-control technology,” Purcher reports. “The news of Hon Hai researching this technology suggests that Apple may incorporate this technology in their hardware sometime in the future. Shades of such technology surfaced in our February patent report…”

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    1. I’ve seen it done different ways but one way that I know is used for quadriplegics even today is a form of eye tracking. A camera tracks your eye and/or head movement to control a pointer on the screen.

      In the case of the iPhone, you could potentially activate buttons, open menus etc just by looking at them.

  1. Earlier this week, an analyst was reported as saying that China sales of iPhone had been weaker than expected as customers were waiting on iPhone5.

    This trend will be reinforced by Foxconn’s chairman urging customers to WAIT for the next iPhone.

    Here’s further proof that amateurs should not take it upon themselves to release sensitive information.

    1. The old hairy eyeball form of non-verbal manipulation only works when you empower it.

      My wife used it on me for years until I looked at her and said, “Use words to communicate with me if you are unhappy so we can have a grown-up conversation about whatever is bugging you. I will no longer respond or be manipulated by a scowl on your face. In the future I will just assume you’re trying to fart or hold one in.”

      BTW, I tell every young guy I know this when I see his gal doing it to him. What total BS!

  2. What else was he suppose to say? The new iphone will be crap so buy a Sammy G3? Come on Man! Here is the deal… they can all propagate whatever they want just as long as we the consumer benefits from their competitive advantages. We do not want any one company to rule the market as that is simply no healthy!.

    1. A. He should say nothing about upcoming Apple products. I expect that he is under an NDA.
      B. No one says there shouldn’t be competition, but Samsung wouldn’t be selling the phone they are if they weren’t using a ripped off copy of iOS and originally cloned the look and feel of the iPhone. This why we rag on the Galaxy.

      I’m not saying that the Galaxy phones don’t have their merits, but if the courts weren’t so slow Samsung would have been forced to compete instead of copy.

  3. On Monday, Hon Hai’s chairman Terry Gou told China Times flat-out that he urges ‘consumers to wait for the launch of the iPhone 5

    Right. So this friggin’ moron just told people to screw over his own company by killing the manufacture of the iPhone 4S. Absolutely brilliant. These CommuTards haven’t got a clue about capitalism, have they?!

    Then there’s the fact that the iPhone 4S ALREADY puts the Samsung Galaxy III POS to shame.

    Conclusion: The guy is high. Get off the drugs sir!

    Oh and Apple: Are you ready yet to get the HELL out of China: Criminal Nation? Seriously.

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