Fox News: Copier Microsoft is doomed to fail with Surface tablet

“Does the world really need another tablet?” John R. Quain asks for Fox News. “Microsoft finally revealed this week that it will introduce its own tablet called Surface… It won’t go on sale until the fall when the next version of the company’s operating system, Windows 8, is set to debut. Pricing also has yet to be determined (translation: don’t expect it to undercut the iPad).”

“The market may not need a Windows tablet, but Microsoft desperately does,” Quain reports. “The company has been steadily — some might say, inexorably — falling behind in the new era of computing, the era in which the ability to easily access information is more important than the operating system or computing device we use to do it. Microsoft still hasn’t understood this, failing to become a significant force in smartphones or tablets, mainly because it’s working from an outdated model of being the Great Copier.”

Quain reports, “Microsoft has always mimicked other technologies, from graphical interfaces to Web browsing to financial software… In general the company’s approach worked because it was based on an artificial monopoly. It was important for us as users to work with common files and formats, so Windows continued to dominate and we adopted its browser and related software. But it’s a different digital world now. No one cares about operating systems and monopolies (Google notwithstanding). The world that Netscape tried to introduce and Microsoft did everything possible to quash is now upon us… Microsoft’s antediluvian role as the Great Copier looks doomed to fail with its Surface.”

Quain reports, “Microsoft may need the Surface tablet, but you don’t.”

Read more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Mister C” and “chinstrap” for the heads up.]

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  1. I never thought I’d live to see the day where the media called out Microsoft for its foibles. 10, hell, 5 years ago every obvious failure unveiled by Redmond would be hailed as the second coming of Christ.

    Remember how it was proclaimed by media far and wide that the Zune was sooooooo awesome and it would totally bring the iPod to the brink of ruin, if not kill it outright?

    Contrast that with the reception the Surface is receiving.

    Has Microsoft’s Reality Distortion Field finally evaporated? Am I dreaming?

    1. I think the iPod was the beginning of the end of the naked Microsoft emperor being able to parade around pretending he’s wearing marvelous clothes. It was a loud, public, obvious example of a smaller company being able to outmaneuver, outclass, outsell and finally dominate MS.

      Vista didn’t help them either.

  2. As a Apple users and not much of an Microsoft fan I really think people are being a bit harsh about Surface. Give it a chance to prove its self in the tablet market before you start bashing it. Do I think it be an iPad killer………no, but I do think it will have its fan base and people who like it. Microsoft didn’t do itself any favors by announcing it before it’s actually ready. With no pricing structure or battery life standard set and the fact two versions of the product are going to be released, I do see why some people predict this product will be a failure. However, wait till the product gets on the market and into consumesr hands before it’s doomed to fail.

    1. I see only two choices: iPad, Macbook Air. A third for when I’m rich- the new MPR. In addition to the schizoid Microsoftian mess this product is- people forget- it’s also Windows, its biggest weakness of all.

    2. I have to agree. Think about it. The Pro model is about as powerful as the Macbook Air and can also be used as a tablet. I wouldn’t write it off just yet.

    3. Producer James is asking MDN readers to wait for Surface to come to market and actually fail…before we can make a prediction based on history and recent observation that we think it is likely to fail. Um, no thanks.

      If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck….

    4. Can you say “Potemkin Village,” James? Can you say “Courier”? How about “Project Pink”? How about (wait for it) . . . . . Redmond V-A-P-O-R-W-A-R-E”?

      We can say anything we damned well please about an ephemeral, non-existant, demo-killing, ghost product that most likely won’t see the light of day this year. Fact: All vaporware is doomed to failure until it (again, wait for it) ACTUALLY SHOWS UP! This is just another Wizard-Of-Oz-man-behind-the-curtain presentation and nothing more. Of that I am certain UNLESS and UNTIL the product actually shows up on someone’s retail shelf.

      Think that’s gonna happen before Christmas? NO CHANCE. And, in this case, my opinion is just as good as the Ballheadmer Boy’s, isn’t it?

  3. You’ll never see the same criticism on msnbc… since they happen to be in bed with Microsoft. You’ll also never see criticism of GE on NBC. You will however see rave reviews and news stories about the advantages of wind power and other green energies. Because GE happens to have a huge stake in these technologies.

    1. yeah, msnbc cuts up sound bytes and calls it news….

      Then the next day plays 1/3 the byte and says they didn’t have time to play the full byte… Yet they had time to laugh and make fun of the person in the byte in the original airing they cut up…

      And as soon as they play the correct byte they immediately change subjects…

  4. @Pirate: Microsoft sold off its entire stake in MSNBC a decade ago. There is no modern link between Microsoft and MSNBC.

    As for this device, it’s vaporware at the moment. “On sale in the fall” probably means launch sometime in November. And then in the Spring, here comes the iPad 4.

      1. No Jean Poole, to bring this thread back on topic, AOE is a moot point.

        M$ made this announcement probably because none of its hardware partners would take it seriously until it publicly committed itself to a tablet form factor and OS.

        The Dulls, Asses and other assorted partners of M$ have had their collective butts kicked too many times in the market place these last few years by Apple. Now they have a clear sign from M$ to develop their offerings (if they want that is) to take on Apple. You knw, that little company out of Cupertino that just won’t die. The one that wreaked such havoc on the PC makers precious little netbook market as well as others that have have had the title “beleaguered” bestowed upon them by MDN…

        This AOE thingy has got absolutely nothing to do with it.

        It’s just M$ trying to get the hoopla going in an otherwise deflated environment.

        M$ is also desperately attempting to equip CTO/CIOs with enough to create sufficient doubt in the minds of their CEO/COOs to avoid making their enterprise investment in iPads.

  5. So a quick note to MDN. I appreciate your recommendations on the articles you highlight. I normally hit the main article of those that interest me and almost always click on the Recommended ones.
    And rarely on the Think Before You Click™
    So thanks for taking the extra time on your links.

  6. “in the new era of computing, the era in which the ability to easily access information is more important than the operating system or computing device we use to do it.”

    This kind of crap bugs me…
    It IS the combo of hardware/software that people are FLOCKING to… It does make a difference. If it didn’t, microcrap’s old tablet pcs would still be selling.

  7. Wow. MDN got me to read something at Fux News. Bizarre.

    From the article:
    One suspects that the Surface announcement was a disappointment for Microsoft…. By having the press conference in Los Angeles Microsoft clearly hoped that Hollywood studio execs would be standing beside them on stage touting major movie deals for the Windows Store. That didn’t happen.

    I had not counted on Microsoft severely embarrassing themselves TWICE this year! I knew Windows L8 was going to create users LASH-BACK! But I thought their latest FAIL attempt at a tablet would be a snooze inducing affair. Apparently NOT! Instead they’ve made it into a FLASHY SPEND-AND-FAIL affair! Spend Ballmer! SPEND SPEND SPEND!

    I hope the pharmacies in Redmond are stocked up with anti-depressants! It’s gonna be a hell-of-a glum Microsoft year.

    I can taste the tears from here.

    (i don’t like microsoft very much)

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