Analyst: Apple’s profits to be highest ever for public company

“As Apple’s stock price continues its roller coaster ride after topping $600 earlier this year, one industry watcher believes the stock is currently in the bargain bin,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR.

“Apple can already lay claim to the most profitable quarter in history among technology companies, and Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White on Monday wrote in a note to clients that Apple is currently on track to record the most profitable year ever among publicly traded companies,” Epstein reports. “‘In CY12, we believe Apple is poised to generate the highest annual net income of any publicly traded company ever,’ White wrote. ‘On average, we estimate Apple’s net income in CY12 will be over 6x higher than the three tech companies on an individual basis (when at a $500 billion market cap) or 1.9x the aggregate profit of these three companies combined. When including all five companies, we estimate Apple’s net income in CY12 will be 4x higher than the average.'”

Epstein reports, “White reiterated a Buy rating on Apple stock with a price target of $1,111.”

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  1. How about filtering some of those profits down to shareholders? The stock is taking its sweet time getting back to $644. It’s possible Greece and Spain are to blame, so I probably should be cursing them instead.

    I’m tired of hearing about this bargain bin nonsense. If the stock was all that cheap, it sure wouldn’t be staying under $600.

  2. Think about this: In the most simple form, the only time Apple gets any money for a share is when they first issue and sell that share. All subsequent increase or decrease in value of that share is assumed by the holders selling the stock. The current higher value of the stock does not benefit Apple in any way, unless they buy another company using retained stock since generally speaking any stock they hold is valued at market value at time of the transaction. Cash flow and accumulated cash is really where Apple shines. In essence, being the most valued company in the world is cool, but being so fricking profitable is the real cool.

  3. I’m 100% pro Apple, but Brian White sounds like a psycopath. One week he says Apple will hit 1001. The next week he says 1011, then 1111. What next? 1111.1? These are nonsense numbers from a guy with a mental problem.

    1. Binary. BWAHAHA!

      Seriously, it’s important to be careful diagnosing mental illnesses. Psychpathy is a SEVERE problem in our day and time with certifiable psychopaths attempting to run the worlds of both business and government. But psychopathy ≠ being an inconsistent know-nothing scatterbrain.

      Here’s a great FREE book on psychopathy, scary and a great introduction to identifying these most dangerous of public lunatics:

      The Mask Of Sanity

      (did I mention congressman paul ryan above? no. thank goodness. I don’t need to deal with a defamation lawsuit. i’m not a trained psychologist, after all).

  4. Apple can already lay claim to the most profitable quarter in history among technology companies

    …And that’s during the second worst economic DEPRESSION in US history! What does that tell you, entire REST of the business world? HUH? WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?

    I know:
    It YELLS at you that you’re CRAP BUSINESSES! It tells you that conventional MBAs ARE IGNORANT DUMBASSES!

    No fracking wonder you all drove the world economy INTO THE GROUND. Blithering idiots.

    So LEARN FROM APPLE you biznizz dolts!!!
    WAKE UP!
    It’s time for REVOLUTION and EVOLUTION!

    It’s time to KILL OFF THE DODOS.
    We’re gunning for you. 😕

    1. (see, the above is being ballsy at using freedom of speech and thought. A psychopath would attempt to mimic being all nice, sweet and concerned, then PULL OUT THE MACHINE GUN when you turned your back on him/her. aka being the most deadly of cowards).

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