Microsoft to buy Yammer for over $1 billion

“Business-software company Yammer Inc. agreed to sell itself to Microsoft Corp. for more than $1 billion, according a person familiar with the matter, in a sign Microsoft may be trying to plug holes in its ubiquitous Office software,” Jessica E. Vascellaro and Shira Ovide report for The Wall Street Journal. “It is unclear when the Yammer acquisition will be completed and announced, according to the person familiar with the deal.”

“Yammer is often called Facebook Inc. for the workplace because it creates private social networks inside companies. Yammer—launched in 2008—also has file-sharing tools and other software,” Vascellaro and Ovide report. “A sale of Yammer further validates a cadre of young companies—which includes Box Inc., Jive Software Inc. JIVE +11.60% and Basecamp—that are vying to shake up the ways people work.”

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  1. “Yammer is often called Facebook Inc. for the workplace ”

    FYI.. if you’re going to make that analogy (which is not hard to make) it’s worth pointing out Yammer has NOWHERE NEAR the number of users that FB has. Skype, on the other hand, had almost a billion users.

    Yammer has about 4 million, and it should be a really cool addition to MS Office, Professional Edition, etc.

  2. MS Office Professional Edition 2015. How lighter , slimmer and smaller, It ships on just 99 BluRay Disks down form the 101 it shipped on just last year…

  3. Good for Yammer. They get to cash out. Their solution is pretty weak, so it’s not like MSFT is going to ruin them. Their crap product will fit right in with Office.

    Validates MSFT doesn’t get it and is desperate.

    1. Good Job Yammer Founders! Cashed out with Millions in the pocket.

      Microsoft probably overpaid $900 million for it.

      We need more Acquisitions Microsoft! Keep them coming!

  4. Got Yammer at work. Company pushed everyone to get on it. Purpose is unclear. Little value. Seldom bother to read postings. It will fade away like the previous attempt at corporate social. Meanwhile, the real problems inhibiting effective collaboration remain…

    $1B…? That’s $1,000,000,000…??? Utterly ridiculous acquisition, even for M$. Ballmer is da’ man!

    Anyone who is complaining about Cook should take note. Ballmer is a complete clown playing at being the CEO of a horribly flawed company, and he still has not run the company into the ground. Cook, at his worst, could not be 1/10th as bad as Ballmer, and Apple has a lot more going for it than M$. As a result, Apple’s success will continue. It is simply logical…

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