ABC News reviews Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina display: If you have the money, this is the one to buy

“After 20 minutes of using Apple’s new MacBook Pro with Retina Display [sic], I switched back to my own six-month-old MacBook Pro to send an email. But when I looked at its screen, I thought my contact lenses had actually fallen out,” Joanna Stern reports for ABC News. “For a second I was worried; everything on the screen looked less crisp and less bright. It’s not an old machine, but it was really as if an optometrist had switched my prescription, or I’d been forced to use my old glasses. Everything just seemed blurry by comparison.”

“The biggest upgrade to the MacBook Pro laptop literally meets the eye. But despite its name, the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display has much more than a new, super-sharp 2280 x 1800-resolution, 15.4-inch display. It also has fastest mobile performance parts on the market, improved speakers, and a new selection of ports,” Stern reports. “Oh, and it still manages to be only .71 inches thick. Impressive indeed, but worth $2,199?”

Stern reports, “But, of course, you’ll be starring at the screen as you work. And it’s simply hard to describe the quality of the display in words. Even as I’m writing this review after 24 hours of use, I’m distracted by the crispness of the text and the icons on the bottom of the screen. And I’m continuously tempted to toggle over to YouTube and watch more 1080p clips, which look better on this display than on most HDTVs. Perhaps the most amazing part about the display though is how crisp things look at every angle; turn the laptop to the side and you will see the same quality and presentation.”

“It’s pretty clear that the MacBook Pro with Retina Display is one of the finest laptops ever to grace this Earth; it’s beautiful to look at in more ways than one. But you do have to pay a premium for what is all around the most premium laptop now on shelves,” Stern reports. “Now, if you have the money for a high-end laptop, the answer is simple: this is the one to buy. The blend of the screen, size, and power is unmatched. Those who want something cheaper, and perhaps smaller, can pick up one of the other MacBook Pros or the 13-inch MacBook Air.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s only real competition is themselves.

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  1. People and analysts have been dissing Apple for these small improvements, but when you add them up, you find Apple on top of the mountain, and all the rest look like ants in the distance.

  2. Oh man, BADLY want. Just don’t want to spend $2999 to get the config that I want. But you get what you pay for. As far as Retina Display, even looking at my 2009 24″ iMac screen as compared to my iPad 3 is a world of difference. Retina Display on every Mac and external display please!

  3. In comparison to what I’ve paid over the years for other Apple laptops this is a good value. It is a solid upgrade and while we have come to expect all the new at the old price I’m pleased with the leap of this caliber.

    Looking forward to mine.

  4. If you have the money, LOL. If you spend 10-12 hours a day behind a screen, like I do, money is no object. I have a 27″ iMac, which is the next best thing as far as total pixels go. I paid $2199 for it after loading in a few options and every cent is worth it. These are professional tools we’re talking about, not black pieces of junk to leave laying around the house.

  5. Mine was on order the first day. Drooling while reading these reviews…and waiting for the custom configured MBPR to get here. Been waiting for months for Apple’s newest and am certainly happy I did.

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