Apple’s iTicket, Siri and mapping patents rock in iOS 6

“Now that Apple’s Main Event Keynote is over, Patently Apple presents you with a look at some of the patent applications that came to life on Monday. This time around, the big winner was software,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Our report takes a look at Apple’s Mega Ticket Patent which was by far the star of the show while others touched on 3D mapping, augmented reality, Siri and much more,” Purcher reports. “While Apple’s competitors are overly focused on Apple’s industrial design form factors, Apple once again took their software to new heights by upgrading both their desktop and mobile operating systems with flare.”

Purcher reports, “Apple’s patents provided us with a heads-up on many of the features coming to iOS 6. And considering that these patent ideas took up about half of Forstall’s keynote segment, I’d say that Apple’s patents rocked.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Unfortunate translation: competitors now have the ingredients to copy Apple before iOS 6 is officially released, and the courts won’t hear anything of it until 2015.

    1. As long as competitors copy Apple, they neglect to innovate, which implies that Apple will always have an edge. Apple also wields the Sword of Patents, which keeps them at distance.

  2. Having read this article and spcifically the part about iWallet, I think it’s even more likely that we’ll see NFC in the new iPhone later this year.

    Are there any clues in iOS 6 about the next iPhone?

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