7 awesome features Apple left out of iOS 6

“We’re super excited for iOS 6. Although it isn’t the complete iOS overhaul many users were hoping for, it does deliver a whole host of new features — like a new Maps app, user interface enhancements, improvements to stock apps, and Siri support on iPad — that we’re certainly looking forward to,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac. “However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that iOS 6 still has some things missing. Things we’ve been waiting for for some time. Here are seven of them.”

7 awesome features Apple left out of iOS 6:
• Widgets
• iWallet
• Folders Without Limits
• Siri Support for Third-Party Apps
• Shortcuts Syncing
• Panoramic Camera
• Game Controller Support

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Blah blah blah, nothing’s ever good enough for some people, if you really want these things then jailbreak! There is absolutely nothing I can’t do on my phone 👍

  2. Why do I need widgets? I don’t even use them on my 29″ iMac.

    Plenty of panoramic camera apps already.

    Siri support for 3rd party apps is about the only legitimate complaint on the list.

    1. As far as widgets, I just want something like SBSettings which gives very quick access to all kinds of settings.

      Overall, this is a really good list, but ya, I’m really looking forward to iOS 6 and thoroughly happy with iOS 5 (and prior if I had to).

    1. Spoken like a truly clueless person.

      If you don’t have the know-how or the balls to jailbreak, then don’t.

      You stay in your sandbox, and I will continue to improve my iOS experience.

  3. As with jailbroken iOS devices, I would LOVE to be able to do the following with the pull down notification screen:

    – set the brightness
    – turn Airplane mode on/off
    – select WiFi network

    There are more, but those are the ones I use all the time…

  4. Isn’t there a Siri SDK they announced Monday? They made a big deal about demo of Siri app integration.iWallet isn’t ready. passbook is a start. Widgets are craptastic. Add to Home screen is as close as I wanna get. I ave a panoramic app. Shjortcuts syncing to what? I don’t need no game controller on a device that uses accelerometer to control play.

  5. Oh Geez….Don’t forget these missing features too!!
    •Heart rate monitor
    •Lens mount system for DSLR lenses
    •Built-in infrared for remotes
    •Mood sensor
    •Lava lamp wallpaper
    •iDuffle bag for when the iWallet just isn’t big enough
    •Built in Coke scale
    •Carbon monoxide detector
    •Tire pressure monitor
    •Humidity gauge
    •Blood sugar monitor
    •Cigarrette Lighter
    •CB mode (just for fun good buddy)
    •Pollen count indicator for notification center to let you know when you’re about to sneeze
    •Siri saying “Bless You” after you sneeze
    •The ability to chill a bottle of wine
    •You’re out of toilet paper indicator for NC
    •Blood alcohol meter
    •Built-in Tazer
    •The ability for pregnant women to place the iPhone on their belly and record their own ultra sound
    Of course we’ll probably see these in iOS 6.1

      1. You better patent that app or it’s going to end up on Android next week
        Same goes for Bob the Builder’s Stud Finder. Damn, I wish I would have thought of that one.

    1. …and I almost forgot features for our tollerant terrorist friends:

      •IED mode
      •Muslim Call to Prayer for NC
      •The publishing of Mohamed cartoons for NC (for terrorist that can’t find anything to be pissed about)
      •Infidel death-count for NC
      •Fertilizer plants as POI in the Maps app

      I really should stop as I am driving and laughing…

    1. Siri can launch third party apps. That is all that Tim Cook demonstrated at WWDC.

      That is so far from providing genuine support for third party apps that it’s not funny.

  6. I’m running the beta iOS6 and the one thing that did surprise me was Siri can open apps but can’t shut off or activate thing. My example is Bluetooth. I asked Siri to turn it on and she tell me she can do a seach on the Internet on turning on Bluetooth. I very much hope with the Gold Master she can turn Bluetooth and Wi-fi off and on.

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