Apple prepping new iMac, Mac Pro desktop designs; likely due next year

“You may have noticed that yesterday’s WWDC keynote address didn’t mention Apple’s desktops at all, and, in fact, the limited updates to the Mac Pro were only announced after the main event,” Sean Portnoy reports for ZDNet. “So has the electronics giant finally dumped the desktop?”

Portnoy reports, “According to New York Times tech columnist David Pogue, Apple says that isn’t the case. Chatting with a company executive after the keynote, Pogue heard that ‘new models and new designs’ were underway for both the iMac and Mac Pro, for probable release in 2013.”

Portnoy reports, “One reason for a possible iMac delay is that Apple could be perfecting desktop Retina Display monitors.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Pogue’s direct quote: “Many Apple observers also wonder if Apple thinks that desktop computers are dead, since not a word was said about the iMac and Mac Pro. An executive did assure me, however, that new models and new designs are under way, probably for release in 2013.”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I think if they had included USB 3, Thunderbolt and maybe PCIe 3 this year that would have been very helpful. Waiting another year will potentially cause many to jump ship. Perhaps they just want more to talk about when the redesign comes along with the most new features added.

    1. I think Ive and the dream team have been busy with the new MacBook pro. Now they can focus on updating the chassis on the Mac Pro tower… Might be too late tho

      1. It makes sense that the “dream team” can only really be present and focused on type of device at a time. And the MacBook Pro seems like the logical top priority, since it’s used by developers and professionals more than any other computer. Can’t wait to see what they come up with for the new iMacs and Mac Pros.

  2. My late 2010 iMac is still getting the job done but is looking long in the tooth. Would love to have a Thunderbolt and USB3.0 option along with a blazing fast SSD. Interestingly, looking at the specs for the new MacBook Pro for the first time I am seriously considering buying a 27″ display and using a Macbook as my main computer. The graphics cards and total RAM have always been a problem but it looks like Apple is FINALLY offering options on these that make laptops competitive with iMacs.

    1. this right here is why Apple didnt update the desktops yesterday.

      More and more people would rather have a laptop instead. Use an external display when home and just have 1 computer, not iPad, iPhone, laptop, and desktop..

      I have all 4, but there are many more that like to cut the number of computers they need to update/work with etc.

      1. We’ve covered this before. An iMac and Macbook Pro are fairly close in tech specs (CPU, memory, graphics card), but neither can fill the shoes of a Mac Pro for those who truly need that power.

          1. Don’t be so defensive at a simple statement of fact. Your statement doesn’t contradict mine at all, since “truly need” means those who “truly need” it (a fairly small percentage, sure), and automatically excludes “the masses” and those who “think they do.”

          2. Does it matter if I only think I “need” the power, if I want to spend my money on one then I should be able to.

            The main advantage for me for a Mac Pro is the ease of upgrading components. Try to upgrade to a SSD or change a graphic card in a laptop.

          3. I totally agree with John’s reasoning. No one “needs” a sports car, no one “needs” to eat steak, no one “needs” an iPad or a MBP for that matter. I eat steak, and own all the rest.

            I only semi-need a MP, as I am getting by with a MBP and various hang-ons, and an iMac. But life is too short to make compromises if you don’t have to, and I don’t.

  3. Yeah, because major updates to two operating systems (which in turn upgrade their entire line of hardware), along with upgrading their entire line of laptops INCLUDING a revolutionary new type of laptop isn’t enough for one announcement.

    1. I’m predicting Apple will release the 17″ Retina Macbook Pro in about two months. I think they just decided to make the 15″ perfect, release it, and it will only take a few modifications to the design to make a 17″ version.

      The iPhone’s retina display was nearly inconceivable, the larger iPad retina display was thought to be impossible, before Apple released them. I’m confident Apple is working on bigger retina displays, and that they have what it takes to deliver.

  4. I guess I can limp along with my Mac Pro 3.1, 8 core (2008) for another year. Adding an SSD as a boot drive has helped a bit.
    Not going to upgrade until there are some major architecture updates.

  5. There have been rumors of a MP resign for at least a year or maybe even longer. Remember the rack mounted rumor from last year? Obviously it doesn’t take this long to redesign a case or engineer airflow, etc. I’d love to know the truth, but that’ll never happen.

    I’m going to wait it out. What else can you do if you hate Windows? Maybe the 2013 date for the desktop lines will be moved to late 2012. Apple has a history of never announcing anything ahead of time. Project a 2013 date now and anyone who wants or needs a desktop will buy for the next few months regardless of the rumors-2013 is too far off to wait.

    By the end of the year, though, those that think they’re “in the know” will consider about waiting, and then Apple can surprise us with updated models-or not.

  6. This story makes no sense. Only one Apple executive could make such a statement without speaking out of turn and why would he? He just gave a speech and would focus on that message. Apple could update the iMac today if it wanted to but it can also save a few bucks by waiting until at least next month. Maybe some Apple executive did think it was safe to say “sometime next year” just to stop the questioning but it’s doubtful it was a real answer.

    1. Why would an Apple exec do this? To reassure those who really want a desktop Mac to wait it out and not buy into the FUD that Apple is abandoning them. It’s especially important for those who really need Mac Pros for high end work; it’s been two years and the graphics card wasn’t even high end at the time of the last update. Oh, and they’re doing it “not for attribution” to keep the media focus on the official announcements.

      1. Apple’s action, a minor speed bump, price cut, and no new GPU said volumes about the status of the Mac Pro and from the perspective of ending FUD none of it was good.

  7. This miss quote is a BIG deal. It’s the type of information that can get VPs fired. I am glad you got that covered in your take. How can a reporter be so wrong?

  8. while the estimation of 1% of the users need the mac pro, it’s the content on those 1% mac pros that the 99% of people that don’t need a mac pro will download and seek to be entertained with…

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