Apple granted U.S. patents for cut-copy-paste on mobile devices, LTE and 3D mouse

“Today, the US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of twenty-three newly granted patents for Apple Inc.,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Today’s report focuses in on four of these patents, with Apple’s iOS editing on iDevices being the most important of all,” Purcher reports. “Also included in today’s report is an industrial design win relating to Apple’s iPad’s display module which lists the late CEO Steve Jobs as one of the inventors.”

Purcher reports, “Every new iOS patent win for Apple is a potential bombshell against their competition. Today’s win is no exception. Apple has been granted another important iOS patent relating to users conducting edits on portable multifunction devices (e.g., cutting, copying, or pasting user-selected content).”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. … Which are all part of competition. Which leads me to instead state that:

      Competition is the father of innovation.

      Which is yet another reason why extremist socialism kills innovation. Witness China and its almost total lack of innovative drive. If there is no personal incentive, there is no invention.

      RANT: How incredibly scary that this exactly the direction the entire world is headed, thanks to our dumbass Corporate Oligarchy. Ultra DUH Factor! You gentlemen and ladies get an F for FAIL. You will be thanked for killing mankind, you blithering idiots. The simple solution is full on respect for every human being and our miracle planet Earth. It’s not remotely difficult. But it is also NOT game playing, which means you BizTards will find it much too dull and simplistic. 😯 /RANT

      (I’m in end-of-the-world rant mode today).

  1. Lets hope the patent holds off Samsung and any other copy cat out there, regarding these functions. Hurray, its a good thing.

    Those functions on Android truly suck. Even text selection is poor on Android. Apple got all that right, bang on the first time. Cheers for the granted patents.

  2. Copycats are unfazed by patents, they infringe then cry in the courtroom that the patent holder is stifling competition. They might even win, or drag it out so long that the point becomes moot. See how little good these patents have done for Apple so far, business as usual for the Google Gangsters.

    1. The patent law was changed last year “read it” and yes Apple can and will defend this and use it to fend off copycats.

      Why is it when Google or Samsung get a patent it’s defendable but when Apple gets a Patent for a feature they developed an that was stolen from other manufactures and used… Apple has no right to the intellectual property and design the intraduced?

      Same old hate… Same old song.

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