The Apple ecosystem just got even stronger

“Apple today at their World Wide Developers Conference released a number of things that have made their ecosystem even stronger,” Ben Bajarin writes for TechPinions.

“Small things like being able to ignore an incoming call with a text message or reminder to call the person back is extremely useful. The improved maps and elegant navigation is also a welcomed additional improvement. Perhaps the biggest improvement of all is the major upgrade to Siri,” Bajarin writes. “All of these things and more are focused on one singular thing, making the devices we know and love better and more useful. Apple is continuing to make their hardware more functional every year. I am not sure it is possible to say that any other company is delivering their customer base new and improved features and functionality to all their hardware on an annual basis.

Bajarin writes, “This is just one more thing adding to the already strong Apple ecosystem and it will be very interesting to see how the competition responds.”

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        1. When I hear these typical complaints, I think, Oh ye of little faith. Ye probably be trolls. Or spurned by girlfriends in 7th grade. Or “Entitleds” of any age that seem to think their needs exemplify those of the entire f***ing world; or that Apple’s business model somehow has gotten screwed up—otherwise they would be making money being all things to all people, especially the Complainer.

          Of course, that’s only what I think; I could be way off base.

    1. want upgrades too, but like any smart company, they want to spread their profits all year round – Not peak in June and flunk by Xmas. More products later.

            1. Bridge under, you will go now.

              Better question, why attempt uber lame trolls like that? I assume you had to know you were just going to embarrass yourself.
              You remind me of kindergarden kids who would eat paste or wee their knickers just to get attention.
              I also thought most children grew out of that by the time they learned to write. I guess not. 😉

    1. Not really. Unless their maps require no data connection, then they haven’t. Those of us that travel to different countries/have no data plan, need to have the maps on the device.

      1. That would be the key. Apple seems to be heading down a path that assumes you don’t work when you’re not connected. Onboard 2-d maps can be achieved without hogging too many resources. The always-on, crowd-sourced traffic flow and rerouting can’t work without connectivity. I join the Cupertino city council in asking Apple to provide a ubiquitous WiFi system, world-wide.

    2. TomTom is doing just fine given that it was TomTom’s navigation technology that Apple licensed for their turn-by-turn technology. It was Garmin that was down about 9% after Apple’s announcement.

  1. Rappel announce more new producs and exciting innovative breakthroughs today than the entire industry has in years. It’s five year lead will alays be ahead of everyone.

  2. Apple announced more new producs and exciting innovative breakthroughs today than the entire industry has in years. It’s five year lead will always be ahead of everyone.

  3. Who is this guy? Ecosystem is simply keeping up with Android and the soon to be released Windows 8 mobile and BlackBerry OS 10. This was not a good day for Apple end of story.

    1. the Apple TV doses not even meet current (long in the tooth) generation gaming console specs.

      ATV – Single Core 1Ghz. A5, 512 megs of RAM, 8 Gigs Flash Storage, no real controller


      Xbox 360 – Triple Core 3.2 Ghz, 512 Megs of RAM, Variable Internal Storage Sizes from 4 Gigs – 250 Gigs+, Optical drive which supports up to 7.8 Gigs of storage per single disc.

      How are current gen titles going to run on the aTV ? downloading one game would fill the entire internal storage and people already b*tch about loading times from optical media so I don’t see ‘streaming’ a current gen title working out too well.

      I think we’ll see a lot of great games on the aTV and some interesting apps. I just don’t see it destroying MS and Sony when next gen consoles are around the corner.

      Devs on the 360 and PS3 are reaching the limits of what those consoles are capable of doing and they both pack way more power than the aTV.

      To use a favorite car analogy from these forums when comparing macs to PCs, you can think of the aTV as an economy Ford Focus while the PS3 and 360 are the Ferraris.

      1. your poor little thing, you! You have to realize tech gets more powerful right?

        Did you even see the keynote?

        How about this- next time you see shinolashow- just realize I already have a handle a few moves ahead of where you can even think to process.

        So spare yourself the long winded explanation of why you don’t grasp technology next time.

        1. I understand very well that tech gets more powerful and there lies the problem – the current old generation has more power than the proclaimed ‘replacement’

          It will take an effort targeted specifically towards games to put the existing players out of business. I don’t see Apple putting that kind of effort into it personally.

          Hey if they somehow do pull it off I’ll be the first in line to buy it but currently I’m skeptical.

          1. well no duh it’s not as powerful rich this second. how long until it is? And you can play mac vs iPad vs iPhone locally/internet/cellularly?

            That right there my friend is game over. They demonstrated a racing game on stage live- mac vs iPad. The tech isn’t that far off. The apple TV is just a dumb terminal- just like any apple TV screen would be.

            The Ps3 and the xbox are POS DOA compared to how fast apple will overtake them.. and then accelerate and blow them away. Then they will until (finally) the PS$/XBOX720… and guess what? It won’t be enough by then.

            Just like every single tech/industry apple invades.

            plus= they are telegraphing this like crazy.. you’d have to be dense not to get where they are rapidly going.

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