10 most-wanted Apple TV apps with iOS 6

“It looks like Apple might finally release an SDK for the Apple TV so that developers can create Apple TV apps,” Kevin Purcell writes for GottaBe Mobile.

Here are the ten apps or category of Apple TV Apps I want:

1. Hulu Plus
2. HBO Go
3. Modern Combat 3 or other Shooter Games
4. Apps using the USB port to access video, music or picture files
5. Minecraft or other casual games
6. Spotify
7. Pandora
8. Worship/Presentation apps
9. Chrome or another Web Browser
10. Siri

Full article, with a video of some apps running on a hacked Apple TV, here.


  1. 10 most wanted apps by 49 / 14 year old kevin Purcell!
    1: Disney channel
    2: teenage ninja turtles channel
    3:kids shopping channel
    4:etc, etc, etc.

    Give me, movies/sports/discovery/slight dash of porn/ something to keep the kids happy/ and something to keep the wife happy. SOLD!

  2. All I want is the ability to play files off of a network attached storage drive so I don’t have to have my Macbook Pro on 24/7 with iTunes open. Frankly, I don’t even want the videos in my iTunes library on there since I never use it to watch movies.

  3. I would like to see the NFL Sunday Ticket. Apple TV already has NHL Gamecenter and NBA League Pass. Plus the Playstation 3 got the Sunday Ticket last season.

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