iOS 6 confirmed by new WWDC banners at Moscone West

“It’s been a couple days since we last checked in on the progress at Moscone West, and today it appears that new banners at WWDC are confirming expected discussion around iOS 6, Apple’s next iteration of their mobile OS,” Cody Fink reports for MacStories.

“Banners in the halls of Moscone West are showing off a slick blue logo with a silver 6 inside,” Fink reports. “We’re looking forward to Monday’s Keynote, and in the meantime we’ll continue updating our Moscone West 2012 post with great photographs as they come in.”

More infer, including photos of the new WWDC 2012 banners, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lava_Head_UK” for the heads up.]

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  1. Like I have said numerous times over the last week, they will unveil the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 at the same time. If apple does a redesign (4 inch screen, etc), and they unveil iOS 6 before they release the iPhone 5, they will be giving away the iPhone because there would be empty space and possibly widgets. Let me clarify some of the main features with iOS 6 (if they happen) will require the larger screen. WHICH would not have been released. They will debut them at the same time.

    1. Unveil and release are two different things.

      I highly doubt Apple will release iOS 6 or the new iPhone at WWDC. They’ll most likely just release a developer preview of iOS 6.

      They could, then release a new (larger) iPhone in the Fall when iOS goes public.

      However, Apple could decide to not show the new iPhone until just before release in the Fall, and even remove any references to it in the SDK, except for a few select developers.

      Or, Apple could have new resolutions in the SDK, but not identify what the new resolutions are for.

      Or, Apple could announce a new larger iPhone and release the SDK but the new iPhone could be released anytime between now and Fall.

      Really, anything is possible. But the one thing I’d bet my money on would be no release of (a non-developer preview) iOS 6 or a new iPhone during WWDC (or even announced dates of either).

    2. See mredofcourse. Showing off iOS 6 on Monday. My guess is iOS 6, Mountain Lion, and iPhone 5 (called simply iPhone) will all be released during an event in mid-to-late September.

      1. Cubert you slut! I disagree with with the iPhone being discussed. I believe AAPL does not want to slow sales down in anyway for the 4S. They should just keep people guessing.
        PS: slut was used for an attempt at humor.

        1. Sorry, didn’t mean to imply that I agreed with every single thing mredofcourse said. I think they won’t even mention a new iPhone on Monday.

          FYI, you forgot “ignorant” before slut.

    3. I agree, mostly.. At first I thought maybe they would release the iOS 6 SDK as well, just so that the minute the next gen iPhone is released that apps would be updated and ready for larger screen, but that is horrible for future sales. Most reports say phone release won’t be until Sept, but a few previous reports showed indicators that it could happen this week. It seems silly to release iOS 6 and iPhone 5 separately. Only a few more days to wait…

    1. Because they’ve called the MacBook Pro the “new MacBook Pro”, the new iMacs the “new iMac” and so on for years.

      The OS on Macs all have numbers assigned to them, as does iOS. They’re treating the iPhone & iPad like everything else.

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