“Television is an application platform, and all of the cable and satellite companies, all of the TV networks, movie studios and cable channels are just apps. That’s what Steve Jobs ‘cracked’ about TV, claims Jeremy Allaire, founder, Chairman and CEO of Brightcove, in an article published yesterday in The Wall Street Journal’s All Things D,” Anthony Wing Kosner writes for Forbes.

Kosner writes, “Since we know that Apple will need to bring developers on board before the launch of these actual products, it is possible that, despite Tim Cook’s protestations about doubling down on secrecy, Allaire is indeed in possession of some inside information here. The timing would make sense, given that Apple is expected to demo a new version of the Apple TV operating system next week at WWDC. What rings true about Allaire’s predictions, if that’s what they are, is that there are already, in his words, ‘fantastic iOS Apps that take nice advantage of [AirPlay] — Netflix, MLB At Bat, CNN, MSNBC and dozens of other mainstream video sources can be browsed and selected on an iPad and beamed to the TV set.’ And once the app platform is in place, many, many more will follow suit. He imagines that ‘soon potentially tens of millions of HD capable monitors will become a screen for the hundreds of thousands of apps running on devices that are already in your hands.’ That sounds like something that could be rolled out for Christmas.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]