Apple releases Apple TV Software Update 5.0.2

Apple today released Apple TV Software Update 5.0.2.

What, if anything beyond bug fixes, is new is not yet known as Apple’s online document which explains Apple TV Software changes has not yet been updated.

To update your Apple TV to the current software version:

1. Select Settings > General > Update Software. Apple TV checks to see if an update is available and a download message should appear if an update is available.

2. Click Download and Install to start the download process.

Important: Do not disconnect your Apple TV during the update process. The Apple TV status light may flash slowly during the update and restart process; this is expected behavior.

During the update process, your Apple TV may restart, then display one or two Apple logos and status bars, depending on which Apple TV you have.


  1. Apple TV Update:

    1-Disconnect Apple TV v2
    2-Connect Mac Mini with HDMI connector, wipe the HD and install Snow Leopard with Front Row.
    3-Discard Apple TV v2.

  2. My mother updated her apple tv v2 and interrupted the update by trying to stream video to it via AirPlay…

    FYI… Don’t do that.
    Had to plug it into her mini to restore it.

  3. Apple TV should enable videos and TV shows to play from a hard drive without running one’s computer all the time. I don’t want my computer on the whole time!

      1. Cloud is LAME ASS.

        We don’t want to keep our libraries in a cloud. Ever.

        He is correct. I use my Applet TV3 for internet radio and occasional and very rare Airplay and nothing else because its so crippled. It would be nice if we didn’t have to resort to JB to give it features that are standard on every other media player on the planet.

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