Acer, Toshiba, Asustek to unveil iPad killers next week

“Acer Inc., Toshiba Corp. and Asustek Computer Inc. will unveil tablets running Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 8 operating system next week, people with knowledge of the matter said, challenging the dominance of Apple Inc.’s iPad,” Ian King, Dina Bass and Tim Culpan report for Bloomberg. “Acer will display a tablet based on Microsoft’s new software at the Computex show in Taipei, while Toshiba will show a tablet and a notebook-type device, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans haven’t been made public. Asustek will present tablets with detachable keyboards similar to its current Transformer model, the people said.”

“The annual Computex show provides a forum for the computer industry to tout its wares before the typical increase in second-half demand. Computer makers allied with Microsoft will use this year’s event to highlight a long-awaited response to the iPad and machines that run Google Inc.’s Android operating system, which together have 91 percent of the tablet market,” King, Bass and Culpan report. “Microsoft plans to show off Asustek devices in a presentation by Vice President Steven Guggenheimer at the show on June 6, said one person familiar with the company’s plans. The show provides the first airing of tablet hardware that Microsoft intends to use to narrow Apple’s lead in the tablet market.”

King, Bass and Culpan report, “The June 5-9 Taipei show will highlight a limited number of ARM-based devices as Microsoft seeks to ensure that when Windows 8 is released later this year, the products will stand up to comparisons with the iPad. The limited debut will be followed by a second wave of computer and phone makers lined up for next year, two of the people said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The anticipation is nonexistent.

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  1. Anyone who’s experienced the exhilaration of an MS-free computing experience is already off the market for any slablets they can cobble together.

  2. The closest any tablet has come to being an iPad killer is…..

    Oh wait, none have come anywhere NEAR the iPad, and none will be an iPad killer. Windows 8 will be dead on arrival – it completely sucks rhinocerous ASS.

      1. I’m sure there is a zoo somewhere, that for a sufficient fee, will let you suck rhinoceros ass. Just like those aquariums that let you swim among sharks.

        Of course you have to sign off on a stack of waiver forms, as rhinoceroses are really nasty tempered beasts – make sharks look downright friendly in comparison.

  3. It must be amateur hour deux… I hope MDN iCals the statements of the folks marking the introductions of these toys… might be entertaining to read in a few months…

  4. Ummm… didn’t they release “iPad killers” last month…. and um, the month before that? Funny thing about that iPad, it still seems to be going strong. Maybe they should call it a ZombiePad.

  5. The competition has to catch up to the iPad at some point, but it won’t be quality that will do it, only pure marketing. The only way Apple will loose market share is to either have a huge dud come out, or no real response to a MS ad campaign.

    1. Windows tablet users will be able to multitask about 20 desktop applications at once. They’ll be able to run full versions of Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCad and full Microsoft Office just like they did on their desktop computers. Just know that all consumers are waiting to stuff their tablets hundreds of desktop applications to carry about wherever they go. Can the iPad do any of those things? NO! Every current iPad owner will be kicking their iPads to the curb just salivating over those $350 iPad killers soon to be sold right before the Christmas holidays. Ballmer said every consumer is demanding the right to have Live Tiles. All hail Metro!


      1. Yup, come Christmas, you can just see the delighted expression on the faces of all those girls and boys as they unwrap the parcels shouting, ‘wow, you’ve got me the iPad I always want… Oh’. Cue expression changing to one of crushing disappointment, followed by tears, and the present giver rushing to the shop to hurriedly exchange it for what was originally wanted.

        1. Right on! I expect Walmart and Best Buy to have a special three-hour opening at noon on Xmas day just so lame parents can sneak in and exchange them for the real thing. Imagine: No waiting until Dec 26th to fight the crowds exchanging “iPad Killers” for iPads…

          Yours for A Better Amercia

      2. On Thursday, May 31, 2012 – 7:31 pm · Laughing_Boy48 said:

        “Windows tablet users will be able to multitask about 20 desktop applications at once. They’ll be able to run full versions of Adobe Creative Suite, AutoCad and full Microsoft Office just like they did on their desktop computers”

        No, no they won’t, not effectively anyway. That’s why this generation of windows will fail miserably just like the previous ones dis (for a decade) Tablets have limited resources (C&GPU, RAM, Storage, interface & screen res)

        Until MS stops trying to drag all their windows baggage onto a tablet OS they will continue to fail… miserably.

          1. ah… a sarcasm tag
            …saw it 10 seconds after I posted 😉

            You are the zunetang of our time. Just close enough to the rabid haters to be believable.

  6. So they are going to be “challenging the dominance of Apple.”

    That is 3 new entrants starting at zero % market share. Then they are going to use a new interface few people are familiar with; using hardware that are different from one another? And they are different from Android tablets?

    Is this called fragmenting your way to major market share; “challenging the dominance of Apple?”

  7. I wish they would be a little more accurate.

    They will “Release” new iPad clone in hopes of siphoning off would be iPad buyers.
    Their attempt to confuse and dilute the obvious potential Windows buyers considering an Apple iPad with product of similar design. These new Tablets are patterned directly from the tablet design that Apple brought to market with critical dismissal from nearly all competing PC manufacturers.
    Yup, easy to copy. Apple creates an Rembrandt and artist roll out their easel to paint a fake. Geez!

  8. This is sad. Microsoft Windows 8 is the new Windows Me and by the time the world finds out what Microsoft intends for its audience, these tablet manufacturers will sink even deeper into despair.

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