Did Steve Jobs steal the iPhone from Neonode?

“Neonode, a Nasdaq company with a near-monopoly on several touchscreen technologies, developed a pre-iPhone three years before the Apple (AAPL) iPhone and has severely disrupted AAPL’s patent case against Samsung,” James Altucher writes for Seeking Alpha.

“Apple just shot itself in the foot and all the blood is going to go to Neon,” Altucher writes. “AAPL is suing Samsung because Samsung is using Apple’s patents on their swipe technology. Guess what? Samsung is saying ‘NO’ because they are using NEON’s patents, which were patented earlier.”

Altucher writes, “And now I see that Apple wants 2.5% of Samsung’s billions in revenues. Well, guess what? Now AAPL might have to pay that to NEON.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Last we looked, James Altucher was a hedge fund trader, not an intellectual property attorney.


  1. Yeah but in the world of Samsung, that’s referred to as “Touch-Whiz,” as if anyone except those who are into urolagnia would actually want to “touch.” Touch-Whiz indeed.

  2. Give a guy a little credit for trying. He got his name in print and MDN posted it on their site. And I commented on it. So even if the guy is a slug,and it looks like it according to MDN, he still has his 15 minutes. I hope he is wrong. We don’t need any of his claims about NEON to be accurate. When I say we I mean me and all my fanboy buddies. Just to be clear.

  3. Neonode patents have nothing to do with touch-based technology, and specifics are different. So lets court decide.

    And, of course, Apple’s papents have nothing to do with Neonode, because their roots are in 1990s.

  4. Actually, it was ET who first touched some kind of screen and his finger lighted up. That’s where Jobs stole the idea. ET, who arrived in town recently to catch the MIB 3 premiere, and Steven Spielberg are reportedly getting together their lawsuit to end all “touch … screen” lawsuits.

  5. Wow-where to start with this moron?

    -Neonode’s patents are apply to a resistive touch device capacitive touch.

    -Apple won a case against Motorola using slide to unlock (I forget where). If “prior art” was a defensible position for Moto to use, I’m guessing they would have used it. I’m guessing this is what Samsung is trying to do now?

    -If Neonode themselves had a case against Apple, it probably would have come to the attention of the tech press. It’s only been 5 years.

    -A Samsung acquisition of Neonode wouldn’t do much the cases that are already being tried.

    -I’m not sure where the author gets “2.5% of Samsung’s billions”. Maybe he’s confused with Motorola, who is seeking 2.5% of Microsoft’s billions using FRAND patents.

    -And LOL at NEON getting 2.5% of anything but jack and shit with its slide to unlock patent, if it even warranted a claim (which all evidence indicates isn’t the case).

    In short, the author is not only hilariously misinformed about the value of Neonode’s patent portfolio to a potential acquirer or investor, he hasn’t a clue about the facts of Apple’s ongoing litigation with Samsung.

  6. Ha Ha Ha. What a load of horseshit. Is this bozo under the delusion that this troll company is entitle to ALL the money that might result from a settlement with Samsung?

    Just more hamfisted jibbering stupidity from hedge fund shills.

  7. There could be arguments about Apple picking up on Palm technology. They had worked together in the past on projects, such as the Palm desktop app really being derived from Apple’s own address book and calendar software.

    Then again, the Apple Newton was the pioneering ‘touch’ PDA. It’s all about the evolution of technology. Ideally, each company is creative in its own way. Diversity rules. Everyone contributes to the whole. That’s ideally how capitalism works. There should be no parasitism (so FU Microsoft and Samsung) and endless incentive to create.

    1. “Worked together?” Is that a euphemism for, “An Apple exec (Rubenstein) leaves Apple and works on Web OS and Android having learned everything he knows at Apple”?

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