Barron’s: Apple TV a great way to stream movies, music and more

“There are many ways to stream Netflix, YouTube, MLB.TV and other Internet video to your TV,” Nathaniel Wice reports for Barron’s. “But if your digital life is tied up with Apple’s tightly integrated ecosystem, the $99 Apple TV device will delight you, offering many of the same features as TiVo, Roku and Xbox, plus some very slick Apple-only tricks.”

“Apple TV’s other big trick is AirPlay, a technology that lets you stream audio, video and photos to or from any device in your house running iTunes—and to ‘mirror’ the screen of your iPhone or iPad, including your latest snapshots, to your TV,” Wice reports. “For gamers, there’s another advantage. Many iOS games, including Real Racing 2 and FIFA 12, incorporate AirPlay so that you can shift the action to your TV screen. And a new version of Mac OS, now in tests, allows Apple TV to wirelessly mirror your Mac, including video calls to the living room.”

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  1. And a new version of Mac OS, now in tests, allows Apple TV to wirelessly mirror your Mac

    Thats available 3rd party now, works great

    AirParrot – AirPlay your Mac’s screen to AppleTV Mirror your Mac’s screen to AppleTV, wirelessly.

    1. Sometimes you write about a product when you get around to using it. People who read Barrons probably aren’t like us, sniffing out product news and reports everyday. They’re probably normal people with lives and what have you. Or they are financial geeks instead of tech geeks. So having some information on AppleTV is good for them. I get questions on AppleTV every week. People are still learning to understand the whole new world of iTV devices.

  2. A commentor on the original piece lamented the lack of Pandora and Hulu. There are already ways to stream audio (including Pandora) from a Mac to AppleTV. Video shortcomings will be fixed with the introduction of Mountain Lion, since anything that plays on the Mac can be streamed.

  3. If you like anime, you need an Apple TV and the Crunchyroll app for your iPad or iPhone. It allows you to stream from a ridiculously large catalog of anime titles, either to your iOS device or to your Apple TV via AirPlay, for free.


  4. Its OK. It should support Xvid and MKV codecs like every other media player on the planet. Maybe it will via apps. I know some iPad apps can airplay those formats but my favorite (CineXplayer) requires iPad 2 or later.
    I hardly use my ATV3. Its cool for Airplay but I hardly do that. The part I use most is the radio to stream music. Most “stations” sounds so much better than when I airplay my high bitrate MP3s from iPad.
    Most disappointing is the lame integration with Apple Remote app. It could be SO much better (like display the menu items ATV is displaying so I don’t have to be in the same room to toggle radio etc.).

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