Shootout: Apple Siri vs. Samsung ‘S Voice’ (with video)

“Apple’s Siri, introduced as the big new feature in the iPhone 4S, is facing its biggest competitor to date in Samsung’s S Voice, an extremely similar voice-activated mobile assistant that will make its retail debut with the Galaxy S III early next week,” Vlad Savov reports for The Verge.

“Both Siri and S Voice have a tendency to rely on external search engines for their results, sometimes integrating them in stub form within the app and sometimes throwing you out to a Google search. S Voice does the latter quite a bit more often than Siri does,” Savov reports. “In terms of speed, Siri has a distinct advantage over S Voice. It consistently provides an answer ahead of its Samsung competitor… Siri is also a lot more vocal than Samsung’s application. The majority of queries sent to the iPhone are greeted with an aural affirmation of some sort, whereas S Voice tends to provide results quietly (and also includes the option to turn off audio responses altogether). Which of the two approaches you prefer will be a matter of personal preference.”

Savov reports, “Taken in totality, I would say that S Voice offers a very good approximation of what Siri adds to the iPhone — helping you take notes, look things up, schedule meetings, or check the weather — but that extra functionality isn’t yet useful or polished enough to make these voice assistants a real selling point for new phones.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Sheesh. Obviously, the accent of the tester is an issue. A better test would be to use multiple people asking the same questions with different accents and tabulating the results.

Regardless, the slavish copiers at Samsung continue to have no shame. Let’s see how their Siri knockoff does when real Android settlers are hitting the hell out of their cut-rate data center that’s guaranteed to be nowhere near the quaility or capacity of Apple’s billion dollar+ data centers. Anyone who buys into “S Voice” thinking it’s “the same as Siri” is a fool.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Martin” for the heads up.]


  1. Just curious: does MDN employ an automatic Take Generator? It appears they just keep generating the same fine whine. While I consider myself a fan of Apple’s products, I find it hard not to note how the repetitive churlishness of MDN belies a real core insecurity.

    1. Perhaps you should look somewhere else for your tech news, ottawa. A Canadian site, perhaps? Suggestion: If you’re looking for a more “balanced” take on all things Apple, try subscribing to the Enderle Group Newsletter. Or perhaps a chat site hosted by Paul Thurtott. Tried the Dell/Samsung/RIM/Motorola forums lately? How ’bout the New York Times?

      Please do try to be more flexible and resourceful in your searches for “alternative” takes, OK? I’m sure you’ll be much happier with the results you find.

    2. You should look somewhere else for news. Maybe somewhere in Canada. If you’re looking for a different take on Apple things maybe try Enderley? Or maybe some chat site? Have you tried other computer company forums? Or magazines, or newspapers?

      If you were more open about places where you find your news, you might end up a lot happier.

    3. Read into the MDN Take what you will, but MDN won’t change a bit. If you don’t like the Takes, then you should just skip them. But some of them are fairly witty and most of them are non-PC. I like that…

  2. I have tested Samsung products (Galaxy series) and of course stand firmly behind the iOS based Apple products as a clear preference. But, if Siri “consistently provides an answer ahead of its Samsung competitor,” then the Samsung product must be truly slow. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, Siri has been getting slower and slower to the response. I would be happy if I could get an response akin to what I’ve seen in the recent TV commercials just 25% of the time.

  3. Once S Voice is being used by millions, if it is anywhere near the quality and responsiveness of Siri I will begin to lose a lot of faith in Apple. They have out so much time, effort and money into it that should be head and shoulders above any knockoff attempt.

    1. More like- Samsung has had 7 fucking MONTHS to try and rip off Apple and one-up them in the PA dept… And THIS janky bullshit is the best they could come up with? It’s laughable.

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