Apple sued over iCloud, iTunes, App Store services with Symantec patents

“A Delaware based company by the name of STEC IP has launched a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple on seven counts,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“The main focus of the infringement case surrounds Apple’s iCloud and iTunes related services,” Purcher reports. “The exception is one count that that claims that VPN Tunnels found in Apple’s OS X Lion Server violates their patents. Notable in this case is the fact that five out of the seven patents presented in this case were originally granted to Symantec.”

Purcher reports, “The case was filed in the United States District Court for Delaware. No judge has been assigned as of yet. STEC IP is seeking a ‘reasonable royalty’ in this case against Apple. It should also be noted that GlobeNewswire is reporting that STEC IP has also recently filed suits against, Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, and Oracle.”

Much more, including details of all seven counts, in the full article here.


    1. No, it’s lame because all of this lawyer-enriching nonsense is only possible because the idiots in charge two decades ago decided software could be patented, AND gave it the same length of protection as physical items (20 years, i.e. 10-15 generations of computing technology).

    2. It’s lame when you know some company is just doing it to make a buck on other people’s hard work. Apple actually invents new ways of doing things and they have had to litigate to protect the property that they created or in some cases purchased but then improved upon. This company just bought some patents and now they’re trying to cash in by suing everyone and their brother.

    3. No ts Lame when Brin has no clue on why Apple needs to protect its IP, and this is just another Patent Troll that will see its case thrown out due to previous use.

      Apple Haters are just going to hate, and Trollers are a dime a dozen, the only value they have is for a brief Comic Relief.

  1. It’s always, ALWAYS lame to all of you when Apple gets sued. And then when people criticize Apple for suing over what are “obvious” patents it’s supposed to be ok. Your explanation is that Apple invents cohesive products using an array of tech and ships real products, whereas other companies don’t. Because it is your opinion that other companies don’t ship real products but hold tech patents they’re perceived to be patent trolls… and/or that Apple should just be able to aggregate component tech patented by other people in their “real” products with financially compensating the holders of those patents.

    And when someone actually copies Apple for real you cry wolf. Hey, Apple has a patent on that! The reality is that people work hard to invent stuff. Just because a company doesn’t ship something doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to protect what they invented. And that invention is often times well documented in the patent database and becomes a matter of public record.

    In other cases, the tech is well integrated into existing products already as a component.

    Therefore, Apple can read existing patents and be exposed to someone else’s solution. Just because the holder of that patent doesn’t ship a product doesn’t mean companies like Apple should just be able to infringe on that patent.

    It goes both ways. This is reality. Apple is not god and they don’t invent everything.

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