NPD: Apple leads mobile PC shipments in Q112

“Apple led the market in mobile PC shipments during the March quarter, at least when including the iPad, according to preliminary NPD data,” Electronista reports.

“The company shipped 17.2 million iPads and MacBooks, representing a 118 percent jump year-over-year, and 22.5 percent marketshare during Q1,” Electronista reports. “About 80 percent of those units were iPads though, whereas the other top sellers succeeded on the basis of notebook shipments.”

Electronista reports, “HP came in second with a 11.6 percent share, or 8.9 million units. The company was followed by Acer with a 9 percent share — 6.9 million units — and Lenovo, which took home a 7.7 percent share through 5.9 million systems. Dell’s fifth-place finish still gained it a 7.3 percent share and 5.6 million units.

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  1. Read article about Greek economic restructuring with network of 100 iPads and a customized app, that saved Greece 140 billion dollars! Now tell me that iPad isn’t a PC or is just for consumption of content! They miss the point. The PC isn’t an iPad. Easy to build Apps that are customizable, quickly deployed, business specific and easy to use. Yikes! The iPad is a business monster that will predictably create a massive new market for in house iOS programmers. This is the next big thing. Does anyone remember what happened to the pc market when businesses discovered their utility? They were dependent on Lotus 123 and Microsoft Excel, a far cry from custom apps designed to save an entire economy in a few weeks with $70,000 of hardware that a child can operate right out of the box!!! Holy Cow, Batman!!!

  2. … Apple MacBooks would actually have placed 5th if the iPads were not counted?
    Don’t sit there being all defensive over that! It may only be about a 5% share, but it’s more than previous tallies. More in a down market. All the news is good.

  3. 1) The highest QUALITY laptops are made by Apple. Play games with market share all you like. That fact remains.

    2) All Macs continue to be the lowest cost computers in their class when both ROI (Return On Investment) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) are considered as well as shelf price. That fact remains.

    3) HURRAY! At last a sane mobile computer market share evaluation justifiably includes the iPad! About bloody time.

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