Beleaguered Dell drops nearly 10% as quarterly results miss expectations; profit plunges 33%; weak guidance

“Shares of Dell (DELL) are down [1.48, or 9.81%, at $13.60], after the company this afternoon reported fiscal Q1 revenue and earnings per share below analysts’ estimates, and forecast a Q2 revenue rise less than expected,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Revenue in the three months ended May 4th fell 10%, quarter over quarter, and 4%, year over year, to $14.4 billion, yielding EPS of 43 cents, excluding some costs,” Ray reports. “Analysts had been modeling $14.91 billion and 46 cents EPS… The biggest decline was from consumers, where revenue was down 12%.”

Ray reports, “For the current quarter, the company projects a 2% to 4% rise in revenue, which would be $14.7 billion to $14.98 billion, below the average $15.44 billion estimate on the Street.”

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MacDailyNews Take: SIDAGTMBTTS!

Dell CEO Michael Dell

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    1. This is again more clear evidence of Apple crushing another iRoadKill. They can’t hide Apple’s victory and the people know what they want and Dell (HP and the rest of the old school Microsoft Windows PC box makers) don’t have what people want today.

      Michael Dell, got any more advice for Apple? Closing your doors soon? Giving the Dell share holders back their money while there is some left to give back?

  1. And when the new MacBook Pros and iMacs come out next month (I hope), our Mikey will be looking for a cliff to jump off . . . along with his stock price.

  2. WOW. The iPad is killing DELL.

    When Apple starts attacking DELL at the midrange with new MacBooks, that’s going to be a site to see… Apple already owns the high end.

  3. Look at that face. Oh he’s guilty alright. Guilty of squandering his time in retirement as his company fell down a hole. The stock nose-dived and he came back to work to save the brand and his only saving grace would be a killer product, preferably something to do with mobility. duh.

    Yeah right, like mikey dell is just gonna waltz in here and . . . . oh wait! He did, he walked in, tossed people out and took absolute control of Dell and drove it into a ditch.


    1. Love It. Sweet Justice. It could not be soon enough for me to witness the TOTAL dimise of DELL HELL!!! AND!!!! to ponder THE VERY FACT THAT THROUGH THE PC DARK AGES Apple was the TINKER TOY COMPUTER COMPANY!!!!
      I know this is childish…… But I gotta say it for the record and to vent after these LONG 25+ years…….Fck You Michael Dell…… FCK YOU & your third rate company and narcasistic corporate behavior.

    2. How much longer before he gets Jerry Yang’d? The revolving-door CEO spot at Yahoo is probably a foretaste of what Dell would be in for after he steps down.

    1. Agreed, although I might add the word “innovate” to your formula. I realize that hindsight is always 20/20, but it amazes me how complacent Dell management seemed to be. Their business model revolved around low-priced, direct sales. In a competitive global marketplace, it’s really not rocket science to see the inherent vulnerabilities in that strategy. For years, they had solid name recognition, robust profits, a high stock price, and strong market share; why they weren’t using those assets to develop and implement a fallback strategy (other than to produce derivative knock-offs) would make a great MBA case study.

      1. Dell, HP and the rest of the PC box-makers sold their souls to Microsoft and see the final results. They became commodity, rock-bottom manufacturers. Google is taking the cue from Microsoft and is condemning itself and its partners for the final downfall, maybe 3–5 years from now.

        1. It’s to bad that Michael Dell listened to the wrong people especially hiring Kevin Rollins and turned Dell into a commodity computer company, the company’s products may not have been innovative but they were built like tanks and were worth the price you pay. Before Dell went 100% Microsoft with their corporate infrastructure they were one of the biggest users of NeXT OpenStep, it’s a real shame.

  4. The new guy we hired wanted a Dell; the IT droids were happy to give it to him so that one person in our dept doesn’t have a Mac. Poof fellow, he knows not what he’s wrought.

  5. It’s really sad to see Dell stumble like this, I remember when Dells were built like tanks, now they are just a big door stop or paper weight…

    Michael Dell should have just kept quiet instead of picking on Apple at the time…

  6. Down ten percent in the consumers market and they have no analysis that they’ve been mauled by Apple. And still them excuses on hard drive shortage beacuse of the flood. How long are they goin to milk that one? Lastly they blame the sales people who can’t move their plastic crap. I like their strategy and lack of understanding the situation, I like it a LOT! They ARE goin down. I’m forced to use a Dell laptop at work and I hate the guts of it, what a POS!

    1. Groucho,

      I am truly sorry for your work situation but …..

      Try to think of the Dell at work as an example of why you have a Mac …..

      Our IT Guy, just today asked for an iPad so he can build some apps and downloaded XCode and actually built an App and was smiling ….. Next he may ask for a Mac and he is hard core windows but we make him support our macs, cause we are the boss …….

      1. You know it has come to that IT used to dictate, no longer.

        One of my PA’s boyfriends got a huge career boost a few years ago. Todd was working as an tech support/help desk person in a large law firm downtown. Several of the partners had acquired iPads and had asked the director of IT if he could get them to print on the firms large (kyocera) high speed printers. The IT director replied that iPads were basically toys and that the “real” (i.e. windows) tablets were just on the horizon.
        A few weeks later Todd was in helping one of them with their iPad when the Partner mentioned “that the iPads would be more useful if they could print” Todd suggested he could simply have them attach the documents they wanted to print to email (one email address for each printer) By the end of the day he had a script (in the mail server) to print any attachment sent to that mailbox.
        He was immediately put in charge of a “mobile technology” task force who would “renovate” the approach to the new technology and would report directly to the partners (rather than to the IT dept) And now the members of that “task force” run the IT department.

        The days of a company’s IT department dictating policy to management are quickly coming to an end (and rightfully so, like accounting their only job is to support production & management, as they generate nothing on their own)

        So I guess that refutes the old adage about how no one ever gets fired for suggesting windows, eh?

        And lets not mourn Dell’s passing, they make absolutely horrid, totally unimaginative, barely functional crap. They deserve to die.

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