Lemke Software releases GraphicConverter 8 for Mac OS X

GraphicConverter has been completely rewritten and now supports 64-bit and 32-bit Intel-based Apple computers. The new GraphicConverter 8 is now able to take full advantage of the latest 64-bit systems, allowing you to work with larger files and in less time. Lemke Software offers this major new release to all existing Version 7.x customers free-of-charge, and it is downloadable from the Updater within your application menu.

New Feature Highlights:
* Support for large images with more than 16,000 x 16,000 pixels added
* EMF import added
* EMZ import added
* cpbitmap import added
* Added import of FLIR raw data to context menu
* Added interpolation of EXIF date function
* Added rating filter to sort popup in the browser
* WMF import resolution change added
* Added open and save to multiscale dialog
* Added histogram equalization batch
* Added equalizer batch
* Added highlights and shadows batch

System Requirements:
* The new version requires an Intel Mac with MacOS 10.6.8 or later

Mac App Store Customers: The GraphicConverter update is also a free download for all existing Version 7.x customers, and available for purchase for US$38.99. The Mac App Store update/download will be available for download within the next few days, based on average Apple app approval times.

More info via Apple’s Mac App Store here: GraphicConverter 8 for Mac OS X.

Source: Lemke Software GmbH


  1. I’ve been a paid customer since System 7!

    Graphic Converter is the only shareware I have ever kept and paid for.

    My license is due for a paid update… I think it’s time to upgrade.

    Thanks Thorsten! You rock!

    1. I keep lots of paid utilities on board and boy do they help:

      Carbon Copy Cloner
      Little Snitch

      And those are just half of them. All worthwhile paid items.

      1. The number one utility is DiskWarrior. Rebuilds the system directory. My iMac just two days ago wouldn’t boot up after shutting down on it’s own. Checked with DiskWarrior and it found numerous directory problems and rebuilt it and I was golden within 15-30 min. It’s by far the best utility to own.

  2. tried GC few times, didn’t like.
    the whole interface is not typical Mac.
    when editing, the result of every adjustment is not visible as you do it(like in PSE), but after you moved the slider.
    I understand, GC is mostly for converting and resizing, and it does them very well, but for editing, it’s not a tool.

  3. Love GC. Bought my first license in 1998. I cannot tell you how many thousands of times I have used it. So many free upgrades, such a useful app. Thorsten truly deserves kudos. I will upgrade today.

  4. GraphicConverter is one of those limited programs that I’ve stayed with and kept on through the 7 days. As such, it (and the others, like Thoth and Ircle and BBEdit and Audacity) remains within a comfort zone of experience and usability that newer apps, like Pixelmator and Colloquy and Unison) miss. IMHO.

  5. Agreed opsonso

    I have been with GC since version 1 or 2. It has been my signel most used, and BEST software purchase EVER. The BEST value for the money in 20 of buying software.
    I have stayed with version 6 for a while and I think it is time to upgrade again.

    Thorsten — YOU ROCK! Keep it up!
    North Pole

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