Sprint might bend over backwards to get AT&T and Verizon iPhone users to switch

AT&T and Verizon iPhone users might want to try walking into a Sprint store or calling them on the phone and asking the question below. It might go a long way.

“What will you do to get me to switch to a Sprint iPhone?”

A compendium of replies boils down to the following five incentives:

1. Will imediately replace an AT&T or Verizon iPhone with a Sprint iPhone 4S of similar storage capacity for $99

2. Will port existing AT&T or Verizon phone number and reimburse “any” contract early termination fee

3. $69.99/month unlimited phone, data, text, with no additional cost for tethering

4. Will provide a free macrocell for use in your home

5. Will grant an immediate upgrade to Apple’s next-gen iPhone upon availability for the normal subsidized price minus $99 (i.e. amount paid for the shorter iPhone 4S)

If you’ve tried asking a Sprint representative the question above, please let us know below what they told you.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. damn…for all that, i’d consider it. however, did apple and sprint finally work out their differences? for awhile, there were significant problems on the sprint network.

    1. That’s what I’d like to know. At&t network is why I stay not their fees. I’m not one bit considering Verizon and only Sprint is making effort at getting customers but still worried about their network.

  2. I switched from AT&T to sprint on the first day they offered the iPhone. Sprint’s browser speed leaves a lot to be desired. I thought AT&T was slow…

  3. I did call Sprint to see what I can get and the unlimited data and phone plan isnt accurate. Unlimited phone service is only to mobile carriers not landlines and you have to pay an additional $10 for the data plan to get unlimited. As far as getting the iPhone 4S they will not upgrade you when the next phone comes out until two years have passed.

  4. I called Sprint. I didn’t get any special extras by switching, but I chose to go with them anyways. With AT&T, I paid on average $140-$170 a month for one line. With Spint, I’d save close to $100 a month plus I get my unlimited data back. I’m happy.

  5. I called my local Sprint store and talked to the manager. I confirmed that NOTHING as far as what the five incentives were offered. No $99 iPhone 4S, no pay the remainder of my AT&T contract termination fee, no $69.99 unlimited everything with tethering plan, no upgrade to the phone 5 minus the $99, etc. So basically it is no deal…check the Sprint website too and no promotion. If anyone DOES get any of the 5 incentives, please post and let me (us MacDaily News readers) know. If it sounds too good to be true…..
    Hey, prove me wrong! Thanks!

  6. I am on Sprint with an iPhone 4S. May say plenty of bars, but without WiFi availability, Internet service is SLOOOOOW. When I compare data rates with the CarrierComp app, Sprint is always on the bottom and usually reports as “poor” or something like that.

  7. Sprint’s been great for me. I live in the Los Angeles area and the data is faster in my experience than with AT&T, and much cheaper, and unlimited.

    But more importantly I can actually make phone calls without problems, something that never happened with AT&T. The coverage for basic phone calls is ten times better in this area. AT&T was constantly dropping out. There were some areas in the heart of LA I simply couldn’t make a call in. With Sprint it’s never a problem.

  8. I just came off contract at AT&T (I am a launch day 2007 customer with an “unlimited” data plan) with my 3GS and have been considering my options. I went by a Sprint store (but not a company store) and got the standard pitch; I called Sprint directly and, again, got the standard pitch. Oh, well…

    It is going to take at least three of the incentives listed to get me to change. I travel internationally and, while AT&T is no bargain, its voice and data roaming just work. A Sprint phone would need to be treated as a “world phone” – an extra detail to manage before departure.

  9. Sprin is so slow I’m really surprised there hasn’t been a class action suit against them. Data is intolerably slow. You tube clip takes MINUTES just to buffer. Can’t stream video. Most audio streams take a few seconds to buffer, then will cut out, xm streaming is intolerable. Went from iPhone 4 on vzw to 4s on sprint. The day the new iPhone comes out I will be leaving sprint high and dry. I’m in flint, but travel all over Michigan. Just horribly horribly slow. Very upsetting

  10. Oh yah dictation usually times out too. Very annoying. Most key features of the phone are not there unless I’m on wifi.
    Even sending and receiving texts is sluggish, and sending pics via text is no longer that fun 🙁

    To keep me as a customer sprint need not do any of the above 5. They simply need to get me a usable data connection!!!

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