RUMOR: LG Display, AU Optronics have passed certification for ‘iPad mini’ LCD panels

“A new report claims display makers LG Display and AU Optronics have passed certification tests for LCD panels bound for a rumored ‘iPad mini,'” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider. “Taiwan’s The Liberty Times (via MacOtakara) reported on Wednesday that the two companies are now preparing shipments of the panels to Apple.”

Ong reports, “The report also claimed Radiant will supply the backlight module and Nissha Printing will provide a thin-film sensor to TPK and Chimei Innolux. The rumor comes on the heels of an earlier report also out of Taiwan that claimed the rumored device would make use of a ‘G/F2’ thin-film touch technology from Nissha.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “GetMeOnTop” for the heads up.]

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  1. According to the dregs at the bottom of my coffee cup, the new iMinitab will be offered in four fluorescent colors. Hey, it is as valid a prediction as any of the other rumors.

  2. The day of the iPad mini nears. I’ve got several truckloads of crow for many a MDNer who swore this revolutionary device would never happen. Get ready to feast, boys. I want you here bright and early when Cook & Co. bring it out on stage.

    1. I am noting them all down alphabetically AND will post stinging repostes to each of them one by one as soon as it is launched, humiliating them at one decisive stroke. Could take a year or so considering how many of them have pored scorn upon it mind.

    2. I’ve got several truckloads of crow for many a MDNer who swore this revolutionary device would never happen.

      That would include ME. Your truckloads of crow are going to get awfully rancid and stinking before you’ll be delivering them to my doorstep. It’s all nothing but stupid rumor mongering started by a bunch of TechTard journalists suffering from August Syndrome: Nothing to write, off on vacation.

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