Delaware-based federal court orders Apple and HTC to talk settlement on August 28

“Today the United States District for the District of Delaware ordered the lawyers as well unspecified decision makers of Apple and HTC to meet in Delaware on August 28, 2012, to discuss a possible settlement,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “The talks will be moderated by Magistrate Judge Sherry R. Fallon.”

“I doubt that this effort is going to yield a result, and a decision made by this particular court has made a successful settlement effort even less likely than otherwise,” Mueller writes. “Less than five months ago, the very same district court stayed almost all of the Apple-HTC lawsuits pending in that district. Such a sweeping order to stay maybe within the court’s discretion, and Apple should have chosen a different venue from the outset, but it was highly unusual. It’s a simple truth that fast-approaching trial dates are the best lubricant for settlement talks, while Delaware-style postponements of the resolution of pending cases have the opposite effect”

Mueller writes, “If the Delaware court really wanted to make a contribution to a near-term settlement, it should un-stay all those lawsuits except for those claims that are still pending at the ITC. Even if the court did that, the matter wouldn’t be ripe for settlement by the summer, but then a mediation effort might succeed in early 2013.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The tremendous amount of time wasted is the travesty. The legal system operates at a glacial pace, especially compared to the speed of technology markets. By the time any meaningful judgements are settled, The Singularity will have arrived with a Samsung logo on it. (Designed by Apple in California. Knocked off in Korea.)

According to Gartner, in the first calendar quarter of 2012, Android accounted for 81.067 million smartphone units sold worldwide to end users (56.1% share) vs. 33.121 million units (22.9% share) for Apple’s iPhone.

Crime sure does pay.


    1. Exactly how is money being stolen by the Asian company? How many US citizens are buying the ripped off products? It sounds like you are a supporter of ‘bomb Iraq’ cuz something happened in our county that isn’t related. Find anyone to blame and forget about the facts. Just bomb someone and we will all feel better. We are number one!


  1. Sum spent on litigation: $500,000,000.
    Returns from damages paid: $50,000.

    Oh well, another $99,500,000,000 on the $100,000,000,000 cash left in bank to go before running it down completely to zero.

    Apple is willing to spend the entire budget of the Manhattan Project to go thermonuclear on Android!

  2. This and FoxConn is the Achilles Heel of Tim Cook’s overhaul of Apple’s production scheme. Since Apple makes nothing it feeds potential competitors (Samsung) and get PR hits for what it’s assembler does or does not do (FoxConn).

    Instead of handing out dividends maybe Apple should start MAKING IT”S OWN SHIT. With $100 billion+ banked and a worldwide recession Apple should not have much problem ramping up.

    I recently read that most of the aging generation of Japanese engineers that made Japanese products the quality standard of the world are going to China to work. Apple could hire them and set up plants wherever they wished and could drive a hard bargain given the worldwide economic mess.

    Just remember this:
    Samsung makes money on every iPhone, but makes even more on every Samsung iPhone Fandroid ripoff. Where did Tim Cook think their loyalty would align when he shuttered Apple’s production facilities?

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