Andy Zaky: Now is the time to buy Apple stock

“Today, we are initiating our 5th ever buy rating on Apple just about 11-months after the last recommendation,” Bullish Cross’ Andy M. Zaky writes for AppleInsider. “We tend to only publish these buy rating under extraordinary circumstances, when Apple has been extremely oversold and when the stock’s valuation has become incredibly depressed. We also only publish these ratings once the markets have seen a substantial sell-off or prolonged period of consolidation.”

“The current conditions meet all of our criteria. As a result we are publishing our comments on why it is time to buy Apple,” Zaky writes. “Notice that the last four buy ratings were made right at or near the exact lows each time.”

Zaky writes, “Bullish Cross has never missed a long-term price target on Apple as you can see here. Today we feel that Apple is a strong buy anywhere between $500 and $530 a share and a buy between $530 and $550 a share.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.


  1. Sell your Aapl Today !!! Apple is falling down , iPhone is finished !!! Everyone runs !!!!! I am crying and so scared !!! Apple will fall to 100 in one month !!! I am so panic !!!!!!! SELL AAPL NOW !!! I am not joking !!!!

  2. Seriously, Raymond: Your broken English and boringly repetitive screed is not even close to being amusing or cute. Try some creativity and new ideas, OK? Enough of the mindlessness.

  3. Will be laughing all da way to da bank when AAPL by the end of 2012 Apple stock = $655.77 🙂

    401k Happy 🙂 Will Buy more AAPL soon enough again!!!!

    2015 = $1055 period!!

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