Zenprise: Angry Birds tops companies’ app blacklist; Windows Mobile gains in North American enterprise

“It seems that your boss doesn’t want you to launch digital birds at evil green pigs during office hours,” Brad Reed reports for Computerworld.

“Research released today by mobile device management firm Zenprise found that Angry Birds was the most-blacklisted application among users enrolled in its Zencloud MDM service,” Reed reports. “Other mobile apps that companies blocked their employees from using at work include Facebook, Google Play, Dropbox, YouTube and Skype, Zenprise found. Interestingly, Zenprise also found that Skype was the most whitelisted app among its customers, thus making it the top app to appear on companies’ blacklists and whitelists.”

Reed reports, “In addition to its findings on app blacklisting, Zenprise has also found a surge in Windows Mobile users among its North American clients over the past quarter. For the quarter, Windows Mobile devices accounted for 22 percent of devices enrolled in Zencloud on the quarter, up from 13 percent of all devices on the MDM service in the fourth quarter of 2011. The report showed a corresponding decline in Android devices supported on Zencloud as well, as Android phones represented 26 percent of all North American devices on the service in Q1 2012, down from 35 percent in Q4 2011. Apple’s iOS held steady quarter-over-quarter as its devices accounted for 52 percent of North American devices on Zencloud in the last quarter, unchanged from the share reported in Q4 2011.”

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Zenprise Mobile Device Management Cloud Report - Q1 2012

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last October:

Windows Phone will be popular. Over time, it’ll eat the lunch of the increasingly fragmented, increasingly insecure, and increasingly costly Android (losing patent infringement lawsuits and dropping features/paying royalties to multiple IP owners will do that to you).

The not-iPhone world will begin to dump Android and move to Microsoft’s mobile OS offering because it will eventually cost less, work better, and come with far fewer legal issues. In the iPhone wannabe market, it’s already happening (Nokia, for example). We expect the same to happen in the iPad wannabe market, too. Google and Microsoft will long battle each other for the non-Apple markets and that’s a much better scenario for everyone than having a single ripoff artist flood the market with fragmented, insecure, beta-esque, mediocre-at-best products. Google’s attempt to be the next Microsoft is doomed.

This, of course, will also impact Google’s search business. Apple’s Siri will increasingly deliver info to users sans Google and Microsoft will, naturally, use Bing for their search.

As we’ve said many times in the past: Google will rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.

The bottom line: We’d rather see a company trying unique ideas, even if – shockingly – it’s Microsoft, than the wholesale theft of Apple innovations that we’ve been seeing for over [five] years now. Don’t steal IP. Even worse, don’t steal IP and claim to be innovators. We have no problem with any companies that attempt to compete with Apple using their own unique ideas and strategies.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James Wigg” for the heads up.]


  1. I would take this company’s mobile device market share with a grain of salt. I’m willing to bet that companies that choose the iPhone have less of a need for their services because of Apple’s focus on corporate customers using iOS over the last few years.

  2. It’s trivial to make Dropbox secure — just use an encrypted disk image. But then many IT don’t look for simple solutions; they can’t think out of the sandbox.

    1. Open up Apple’s Disk Utility app, found in your Utilities folder. Open up Help for Disk Utility and type in ‘encryption’. Click on “Create a disk image using Disk Utility”. Then click on “Protect confidential documents in a secure disk image”. Follow the instructions and there you go! I suggest an encrypted, expandable SparseImage or Sparse Bundle disk image.

      Put your encrypted, password protected disk image into your DropBox folder for instant backup. You can add your disk image to your Login Items (found in the Users and Groups preferences in Lion) for instant access from your desktop while you work. (^_^)

  3. Iphone fanboy for real… Iphone wannabe phones??? Just say NON SHEEP phones( iphone is the phone of SHEEP, buy what you are told). The REAL world like to think for them self, not have it told to them…

    1. … says an anonymous coward ‘mike’. Heed his words! Not! 😛

      No doubt the popularity of the Apple iPhone now involves some Sheeple herding. But what Apple has always been about is QUALITY as opposed to the OtherStuff ‘good enough’ junk. Android is merely ‘good enough’ for some people. Not me! I’ve used it and find it annoying, not unlike that other OS that competes with Apple’s: Windows.

      You can have ‘good enough’ junk or you can have THE BEST. I choose THE BEST, which is Apple.

      Sorry ‘Mike’. No suckers here today. Go pander crapware somewhere else. 😛

  4. You mean employers actually expect people to work at work? Will wonders never cease?

    My employers requires all staff to keep cell phones on silent ring and to be used out of sight of customers/patients/visitors unless exempted due to duties of the job. Repeated violation can lead to termination.

    BYOD is not allowed and the wireless and wired networks are off-limits for personal devices. Connection of any non-approved storage or any personal device to a computer is a termination offense-otherwise connecting your iPhone to a USB slot on a work computer could get you fired.

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