Woz: Steve Jobs’ death could clear way for more open Apple – or not

“Apple could be more open and just as successful – but don’t take it from us. That’s from company co-founder and computing idealist Steve Wozniak,” Gavin Clarke reports for The Register.

“While on a tour of Australia, Woz rekindled memories of the mid-1970s and his dream behind the first Apple computers he built with Steve Jobs. Woz was inspired to speak out after witnessing the, er, ‘openness’ of Facebook and Google,” Clarke reports. “Woz is reported to have said: ‘I like a lot of the openness I see in Facebook or Google, and how things can interplay on the Internet. I think that Apple could be just as strong and good and be open, but how can you challenge it when a company is making that much money?'”

Clarke reports, “Despite his rumination on openness, however, Woz continued it would be a bad thing for Apple and fanbois if it led to inferior products. ‘There’s a lot of things about the closedness of Apple I don’t like and wouldn’t have done myself, but obviously I’m very overjoyed with the quality of the products. So is that a result or not? I’m not expert enough to say,’ he said. ‘If making it open would give us not the quality of Apple products all working together like they do, I would say keep it closed.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We always enjoy Woz’s ruminations, however circular they may be.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Brawndo Drinker” for the heads up.]


  1. Now I see more clearly why Woz and Jobs did not agree on some very important issues. His fondness of Google must of made Jobs cringe. But we love Woz. If not for him (and Jobs), no Apple.

  2. attorney generals are lawyers. is it surprising that “chasing” ambulances is a habit hard to shake? what do you call people who want to make a living off of other people’s hard work? ________. states are not whole, natural people, who might have a brain to think with, then again might not. they are mindless entities run by people with an agenda, who are not accountable for what they do. sometimes the agendas are personal, sometimes they are ideological. sometimes these are designed to win a re-election. seldom do they have anything to do with the common good, if there even is such a thing these days.

  3. I would be all for a more open Apple that listened more to it’s customers. Maybe with Steve gone (long live Steve), they will.
    Sure… make all the hot selling “i” products, but also offer (continue to offer) the products/options that many (long time, loyal customers) desire.
    For example…matte screen option, Final Cut Pro 8.
    Apple can afford to service those who have been supporting them from the beginning.

  4. lol Mister Woz …. lol. In fact people do change, but that doesn’t mean you’re a game changer. SJ was, he gave everything for it. You’re just getting some Adsense revenue from unpredictable sentences. But come on.. it’s freakin LOL! I want more. Send it more. Maybe keypad feature phones are the future but we’re not seeing it! BR, Vasco

  5. Sadly agree with Jubei. (sadly about the comments anyway, not anything personal with Jubei)

    Seems like WOZ is name dropping Apple and Steve J lots these days. Don’t know if its to get attention, have Apple make an offer to come back just to make him shut up or some other wacko thing.

    He hasn’t been part of Apple for 25+ years now, time to move on and stop stirring the pot like he knows whats going on and how to run the place.

    Apple’s secrecy, and ‘closed’ (read tightly integrated) ecosystem provides the just works experience and quality that Apple is able to offer, and is unmatched by any other company or product..

    So, just shut about Apple, and let them worry about how much ‘openness’ is needed. Sorry WOZ

  6. I think the domain name: WozDailyNews.com is free, so why MacDailyNews doesn’t get to show everything this guy thinks and says?

    I’m sick of Woz!!!!

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