Apple’s forthcoming 7.85-inch iPad to use ‘G/F2’ thin-film touch tech, say sources

“Apple plans to use ‘G/F2’ thin-film touch technology for its 7.85-inch iPad, which is predicted to be out by the fourth quarter of this year, according to industry sources,” Siu Han and Alex Wolfgram report for DigiTimes.

“The smaller version of Apple’s new iPad, rumored to be called iPad Mini, is said to feature the G/F2 technology, with Nitto supplying the key thin-film materials, and Nissha Printing and TPK producing the touch screens, the sources said,” Han and Wolfgram report. “Using the G/F2 design will help reduce costs and will also make the iPad Mini thinner than previous iPad models since it will have one less layer of film than the G/F/F (glass/film/film) structure, according to sources.”

Han and Wolfgram report, “The sources added that 7-10 million units of the iPad Mini may be shipped this year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: On a scale of 1-10 (1 = not a chance, 10 = guaranteed), how real do you think the “iPad mini” is?

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      1. As I’ve said many times on here before, portability is not only defined as something that can be placed in a pocket. The iPad mini will be lighter and thinner than Apple could possibly ever get the 10″ iPad. That will be its key attraction. We’re talking well under a pound, something that can be comfortably held up for long periods while reading. I doubt Apple will ever get the 10″ iPad under a pound unless they switch to plastic.

        Why are you people obsessed with pockets? You can only have one product that doesn’t fit in a pocket? Where do these rules come from? The 11″ MacBook Air doesn’t fit in a pocket either. Apple still released it and it’s been an overwhelming success. The same will be true of the iPad mini.

  1. 7… the kindle fire has proven to me that the form factor is usable (but android isn’t). I would prefer to buy a smaller iPad to replace my iPad 1… and carry a macbook air for real computing. With retina display, why not?

  2. I’ll give it a 4/10.
    I think the form factor can have useful applications such as devices for inputing set information (think UPS, FedEx or menus for restaurants).
    In terms of price, the iPad2 provides the same pricing as the kindle but with a large screen and better performance. This is a win-win for Apple since they keep on selling older models where they have already covered their R&D investment plus have well established component supply pricing. It also disrupts nascent tablet growth by providing a better low cost alternative.
    The key is whether Apple can service the low cost market and make money. With the iPad2 yes they can.
    So overall I bet that Apple will not launch a 7″ iPad. They already have a better alternative.

  3. I have had an iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and now an iPhone 4S. The only reason I could afford the was because they were subsidized by AT&T. I would love an iPad but I can’t really afford one at the moment. I would consider an “iPad Mini” if the price were right.

    If the folks at Apple are smart, and we all know they are, they are going to release a smaller iPad.


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