Apple CEO Tim Cook meets with U.S. Speaker John Boehner (with photos)

U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner met with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the U.S. Capitol today.

Two photos of the meeting were posted to the Speaker’s website today.

Beyond Boeher’s iPhone, it is unclear what was discussed, but, if we had to hazard a guess, we’d bet that the idea tax repatriation holiday was at least mentioned (see related articles below).

The photos of Speaker Boehner and Tim Cook:

Speaker John Boehner meets with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, at the U.S. Capitol. May 15, 2012. (Official Photo by Heather Reed)
Speaker John Boehner meets with Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, at the U.S. Capitol. May 15, 2012. (Official Photo by Heather Reed)

Speaker John Boehner discusses his iPhone with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the U.S. Capitol. May 15, 2012. (Official Photo by Heather Reed)
Speaker John Boehner discusses his iPhone with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the U.S. Capitol. May 15, 2012. (Official Photo by Heather Reed)

[Attribution: MacRumors. Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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        1. It’s too bad that one of W’s decision points wasn’t demolishing the Clinton administration’s policy that caused the horrific housing crisis and the subsequent economic fallout that we continue to languish under to this day.

          Likely Bush was averse to being labeled a “racist” by knee-jerk Libs, their media lapdogs, and those who make their profit by keeping their own people slaves to government subsistence living (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.)

          1. I love it!! Look at the Parasite-Bottom-Feeder-LibTARD-Drones going bat shit over this.

            Get ready you freaking low life loser, Lib-Turds, you are going to be landslided!!!!!


            EFF YOU!!!!!!!

            1. From your anonymous, extremist, polititard perspective, I am one of those “LibTARDs,” and I am happy to inform you that in six months you will still be griping and complaining about everything that would be magically “fixed” if everyone listened to you. The joke is on you, however, because the only people who care what you think are people just like you who want to reinforce the validity of their fantasies by blowing smoke up each other’s bunghole. F10T12, for example, regularly proclaims his political convictions because he self-righteously believes that opposition merely reinforces his “political truths.” Politics really has become a religion for people like you, and faith in your own political beliefs seems to be all that matters. Bush’s “Stay the Course”
              mentality must have resonated like a holy Word for you.

              The reason that you (will) have Romney as the Republican nominee for President in 2012 is that all of the truly viable candidates (Christie, etc.) decided to wait until 2016. That approach eliminates the issue of running against a Democratic incumbent and avoided getting tied up in the Republican primary and debate fiascos. They can start clean in 2015 without any baggage, unlike people like Perry who quickly bungled and destroyed any chance that he might have had for a higher political office.

              What was that third thing…?

            2. Queen Smell, spewing always wrong, self-destruct, proven failure, Libtard talking points.

              No one will be able to fix the disasters you commies have put in place in the US for a long, long time. But the time to start is now.

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            3. You should be nominated for a Darwin Award, as this is perhaps the dumbest post I’ve ever seen on the Internet.

              Keep writing, please. The more you do it, the more voters will be convinced republicans are a Party full of infantile retards, incapable of stringing together even a basic coherent sentence.

        1. Cook was hired by Jobs in 1998 soon after Jobs regained control of the company. Two things:
          1) he has constructed one of the epic corporate supply chains of all time
          2) If Jobs got a whiff on lack of ability over those years, Cook would never have been appointed temporarily in charge of aapl when Jobs took leave and he certainly would not have become CEO. Jobs had plenty of time to evaluate that.
          So, are you questioning Jobs’ judgement and if so, on what basis?

            1. hide and watch, we will see who is right..Tim Cook is no visionary, he’s a glorified bean counter and the Glory Days Of  will die with Steve Jobs…it’ll take a few years, but it WILL happen.

            2. At least he’s meeting with the soon to be in power side. Smart move.

              Boehner is no where near conservative enough, but he’s lightyears better than the commies in charge in the DemoRAT party now.

          1. There can only be one Steve Jobs, but still I think he could have chose someone better than Cook. As soon as Jobs died, Cook started pushing for stuff Steve was strongly against. Apple has gone down hill dramatically since his death. He would be ashamed if he seen Apple today, making cheap budget iPhone’s and making ugly as hell interfaces.

    1. John BONER knows which side his bread is buttered on. Like when he handed out tobacco money on the House floor in violation of House rules.

      Cannot wait until this functional alcoholic (BONER) is no longer the Speaker and the weasel Cantor no longer the majority leader.

    2. Tim’s a smart man. He knows that everything changes for the much, much, much better on January 20, 2013.

      Yes, we won’t have to see Boehner’s face in the news every day and the only slightly less Corporate Oligarchy manipulated DemoCraptic party will run the House again, proving, also again, what wimps they are in the face of outright fascist crazies. Oh joy. 😛

      It’s time for a viable third party to kick all the crooks into the sewer where they belong.

            1. What commies? You ‘ditto heads’ are completely “BRAIN DEAD!!!!!” There’s a hell of a lot more to the world that the stupid 1 dimensional political scale you live on, my-own-personal-anonymous-coward-stalker!

              I think in 3D. Maybe you should try it. It will NOT make your brain explode, contrary to fascist propaganda. It will also get you much closer to actual ‘truth’ than your myopic thought processes. Seriously. Did you graduate from high school?

            2. Commies? Oh, that’s right. In the infantile mind of people like you, Democrats, and all other non-republicans/libertarians are commies.
              Are you really that stupid to believe that, or do you think it makes you sound smart. Here’s a clue – you just come off as really REALLY DUMB. To everyone.

    3. I’m sure as a gay man he cannot wait for the religious right to have a man in power. Nothing makes gay people happier than electing those who would oppress them at the bequest of religious dogma. They love being second class citizens to a bunch of bigots.

      Yes, he is a smart man. He is making the smart professional play on behalf of Apple. I seriously doubt he in anyway is rooting for Romney.

      1. You libtards love the middle east. They hate gays more than anyone over there. Didn’t Iran recently hang a few of them.

        Conservatives and Christians don’t hate gay people. We don’t agree with their lifestyle but would never make it a crime to be gay you effing moron.

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        1. Lets put this plainly – You are stupid. Virtually everything you just wrote is fact-free rubbish, and based on absolutely nothing but the spew that entertainers like Rush Limbaugh make up to get unquestioning fools like you “outraged”.

    4. A lot of illiterate republicans always talk nonsense about the debt this, the debt that. Well, over the last 60 years, for every $1 Democrats have contributed to the national debt, republicans have contributed $2.99 in contrast.

      The worst offender in the last 50 years? – That senile old nut-job, Ronald Reagan, who tripled the national debt, then on top of it all, left us with the failed idiocy of trickle down economics and deregulation/removal of oversight. Yeah. That worked out real good….

        1. The lesson in Wisconsin is that conservatism works. Scott Walker has done everything that Obama says is impossible to do. He cut spending and expanded the economy while lowering taxes and laying off no one.

          1. The word you meant to write was “conservatism”. Sadly, this has nothing-at-all to do with actual conservatism. Instead this is what is euphemistically called ‘Neo-Conservatism’ created by the deranged goons whom Ronald Reagan labeled “The Crazies”. They are liars, propagandists, neo-fascist and neo-feudalist. They are deranged and self-destructive on the level of psychopaths.

            If I were you, I would not look forward to the inevitable perspective you will experience when the actual ‘facts’ penetrate your 1 dimensional mind. Perspective is the great teacher. Bring your teddy bear to console you.

            TTYL MOPS.

            1. The word I wrote actually was “conservatism.”

              Walker: +7 in latest Marquette poll.

              Yet another Democrat attempt to overrule the will of the voters fails miserably. The November elections are going to shock and awe the world!

        1. I think you hatred for conservatives has blinded you, the NYT DID in fact report the estimated taxes paid (quarterlies are supposed to be estimated at last years rate and have to be corrected when the actual profits are achieved)
          So, yes KillBill was either duped by the NYT’s misinformation or was lying.

          C1, (and kingmel) you can certainly disagree with F10-T12 on his opinions, however do do so for reporting (correct) facts only hurts your credibility.

          1. Tesselator, you are barking up the wrong tree on this one. I did not say that F10T12 lied with respect to the Boehner statement made by KillBill. If you care to re-read my post, you will see that it is not a comment on the accuracy of F10T12’s post. I believe that my credibility remains untarnished on this forum, although some would argue that I have none. So be it.

            Tesselator, I responded to ChrissyOne’s post that F10T12 was “in good company.” I said:

            F10T12 cannot tell a lie because he actually believes everything that he says, no matter how absurd.

            By definition, F10T12 is not lying because he believes what he says. But it is also worth emphasizing that just because F10T12 believes what he says, it does not follow that his statements are factual. Actually, his viewpoint is so skewed to the extreme that I consider most of F10T12’s positions on social and political topics to be bullshit. Even when his posts contain actual facts, their application is often twisted in an attempt to support his assertions.

            You and others can draw your own conclusions. I discounted the value of F10T12 platform talking point posts a long time ago.

            I would think that you would know me well enough by now to realize that I won’t pull any punches with respect to F10T12 when I catch him in a blatant falsehood that may mislead others. If I throw down on F10T12, it will generally be quite obvious. Increasingly, I find that responding to his juvenile provocations is not worth my time.

            1. Anonymous losers, the more you post ‘Queen Smell’ the more desperate you appear. Replying to you is a waste of time. I will no longer respond to anonymous cowards like you.

              You no longer exist.

              I highly encourage others to take the same approach.

    1. Is Tim a bottom or a top? I’m guessing he’s a bottom- like a lot of repressed southern boys and Republicans.

      BONER I think may have ED like a lot of heavy imbibers. He might be a bottom as well.

  1. It doesn’t matter what happens in January.. It will be business as usual unless Ron Paul pulls a miraculous upset.. And Romney can’t beat Obama anyways… He’s the John Kerry of the republican party…

    Even if he does, the only change that will happen will be thEir religious imposition on society..

  2. Who knows, if Steve’s time wasn’t limited, maybe he would be up there representing this country’s finest business before Washington. In other words, don’t judge everything Tim does buy the time-limited Steve. And we can only hope some Apple brains rub off on either party.

    1. Notice that Boner posted the photos on his page, just to show people will talk to him. Doubt that Cook is quite as proud to have been in the same room with this sleaze bag. He probably deserves another $10M or so, just for the embarrassment.

  3. Its appalling the crap spewed by both sides. Clearly the sound bite people know not of what they protest.

    If the problems facing the US were examined without agenda or political ambition, they could be solved overnight.

    Sound bites are not part of the solution, they merely display the ignorance, and inability to think independent of dogma, of the person using them.

    1. I agree. The worst thing that ever happened to America was the rise of the permanent political class. We would greatly soften the impact of this crowd if Congress reduced their salary to the national median salary, rather than putting themselves into the top 5% of wage earners the day they are sworn in. No wonder you can’t get rid of these clowns. They’ll do anything to keep their jobs and that seldom includes doing the right thing for the country.

  4. “John! Whatchaknow?”
    “Welcome Tim. Welcome. Come, lets chat”
    “Tim, we need to get your money back to you from abroad. You already paid taxes there, we need the cash to build America. I know how we can do that.”
    “Great John. I knew we could do business.”
    “Tim, first we dumb that moron clown who has run up our deficit and thinks it OK to buy elite law students spermacide. Eh?”
    “John, I’m good with that.”
    “I was told you were a practical man, Tim. Lets put a fund raiser together. Tell Hussein. He will profess his love for a balanced budget, real marriage, lowering the national debt, and carry out the laws of the land (never mind about that assdumb Holder). All those Hollywood types will turn on a dime and chip in big. Right?”
    “John, you are on to something. Will pull it together.”
    “er you go, Tim. Now git back out there and keep inventing ‘thrilling’ products like you PR department keeps saying over and over and over and over and over.”

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