Analyst: Google likely to launch Chrome browser for iOS; spark new browser war

“Google is likely to launch a version of its Chrome browser for Apple’s iOS line of devices in the coming months, according to analysts at Macquarie Capital,” Electronista reports.

“Macquarie sees the iOS Chrome launch as the opening salvo in a new round of Browser Wars, the likes of which the Internet hasn’t seen since the late 1990s,” Electronista reports. “Macquarie sees Chrome for iOS debuting sometime in the second quarter of 2012, with a significant marketing campaign in support of the mobile browser.”

Electronista reports, “The research firm views iOS Chrome as a key means for Google to reduce its traffic acquisition costs, the price Google pays to Apple to drive iOS users to search through Google.”

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  1. Google is the new Microsoft

    Like I do with Microsoft products, I will use as few Google products as possible.

    I am waiting for Apple to revolutionize search with an engine all their own.

    Siri, together with partners such as Wolfram Alpha, is a step in that direction.

    1. Big difference. Google have made exceptional, innovative and amazing software over the years (no NOT Android!). Goolge Earth (I know they bought it) and maps and translate etc. etc.. very amazing stuff that people take for granted.
      MS just made crapware.

  2. Duh. Google is looking at their own equivalent of a Mayan prophecy, as usage turns increasingly mobile and mobile remains predominantly closed to Google search. How else are they to generate any revenue? I doubt they were getting much for iOS Maps App data, but we hear even that going away soon. Plus is a party absent guests. Facebook too, is closed to Google. Android is unprofitable (in so many ways.) All of Google’s efforts to create new revenue streams are bankrupt.

    Please, Apple, allow Google to exist – if only to deflect FTC criticism of your monopoly. (And why bring up Microsoft, except to note how the tables have turned?)

    1. Firstly, Apple doesn’t have a monopoly. Secondly, Google did this to them selves. If Google hadn’t tried to rip off Apple, Apple wouldn’t be trying to do the end run around on them.

    2. Apple Monopoly, yea well just what planet do you live on, Google has Stolen Java code has disrupted and lied to users and has shot itself.

      Google apologist are just a big joke.

  3. Laughable- “the likes of which the Internet hasn’t seen since the late 1990s”
    The browser *wars* of this century aren’t over. In the 90s, Netscape lost out to IE for a variety of reasons. IN this century, we have IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Camino, Opera, embedded webkit, etc. More *wars* going on now than ever before.

    What malarkey!

    1. Good point.

      Dolphin browser offers a unique voice integration and is available on iOS already. There are many more browsers and what remains strong are Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Preinstalled apps seem to stay. IE and SAFARI.

      Safari is preinstalled on iOS why would anyone want to have something else? What different would Chrome iOS offer?
      Plugins, docs integrated, cloud services what?

      Again Apple needs to approve it.
      Build it does not mean we accept.

  4. Apple does not automatically acceptance iOS apps to the iTunes store, so how its this war, Google pledges expected to take off.

    Apple controls its store and can simply refuse the Chrome Browser. And why would anyone want to install it? Google would need to offer something unique over Safari.

    1. Apple controls its store and can simply refuse the Chrome Browser.

      If they do that, they open themselves up to accusations of anti-competitive practice, same as when Microsoft first bundled IE with Windows 95, making Netscape irrelevant to all their undiscerning customers.

      Besides, why would they care? Does anyone really expect a groundswell of iOS users rejecting Safari as their primary browser? What could Chrome possibly offer that Safari doesn’t?


        1. I don’t believe you have to have a monopoly to engage in anti-competitive behavior. “Anti-competitive behavior” encompasses a range of actions. In this case, Google could complain that Apple is using its control over iOS to give an unfair advantage to its browser over competitors’ products.

          Remember, I said it would open up Apple to accusations. I never said Apple would necessarily lose the resulting lawsuit. The question just becomes whether Apple wants to deal with the hassle.


      1. What Google offers is “Big Brother” type eavesdropping on your keystrokes, ads constantly in your face and an open door for malicious code to enter your device. Sign me up!

  5. I don’t see many iOS users moving to Chrome. Most will just keep using Safari; it’s the more tech-savvy people who switch browsers, and the Apple fans don’t like or trust Google much anyway.

    1. It’s about who gets access to personal data and for what use. Google wants your surfing habits so it can target ads at you, but it can’t get that data if you use Safari. Chrome uses Webkit because it’s very good and free, but people who use Chrome are letting Google gather their private data.

      Safari may do much of the same, but I doubt it’s as all-encompasing as Chrome would collect. Plus, I trust Apple with any personal/private information far, FAR more than Google.

    1. …allowed. Ill use safari for the bulk of my traffic- hell id prolly set it back right away- skyfire eems slow with HTML 5.

      Regardless – the demand for custom default browser options WILL rise

  6. In your dreams.
    1. Apple will kill Google Maps in iOS 6. hahahaha
    2. Web is dying… Mac is dying…. the future are iOS and Apps.
    3. Chome is webkit (an Apple product) duh
    4. What about the laughable Chrome OS?
    5. What about the Android patents?
    6. Google is shameless and must die!!!!!!! (this is war anyway)

  7. I’ll use Chrome or try it at least. Its my browser of choice on PC and prefer it to any Safari I’ve ever used. It is a bit of a resource hog though, but its very fast.

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