Woz: I would invest in Facebook stock regardless of opening price; Zuckerberg like a combo of Jobs and me

“Steve Wozniak says he will buy Facebook stock when the social network launches its initial public offering, irrespective of the price of the shares,” Aabha Rathee reports for Wall St. Cheat Sheet. “‘I would invest in Facebook,’ the Apple co-founder told Bloomberg TV in Sydney. ‘I don’t care what the opening price is.'”

Rathee reports, “Facebook is selling 337.4 million shares to the public, priced between $28 and $35, while hoping to raise $11.8 billion through the offering scheduled for May 17. That will make it the biggest IPO for an Internet company. The price also gives Facebook a market value of about $96 billion.”

“Wozniak also said he thought Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg had a perfect blend of business acumen and technical ability,” Rathee reports. “‘I was thankful to have a partnership with Steve Jobs and I see Mark Zuckerberg closer to the combination of us,”’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Leave it to Woz!


  1. AND with that, I no longer have to listen to a word Woz says, poor attention starved-has not built anything of merit since the early 80’s woz.

    1. You did not need to listen to Wozniak even long before those words. He was never conceptually minded enough to have “vision”. So he can not assess anyone in those regards.

      (Not to say that Wozniak is bad or unworthy or anything — just to say that on most topics his opinion has no value.)

  2. You’ve got to love Woz, but you also need to take what he says with a grain of salt. Sometimes a bucket of salt. And sometimes just smile and ignore what he says all together. Sadly it seems like everything he’s been saying lately falls into that ‘ignore’ category. 🙁

    I’ve heard he was never the same after the plane crash in 1981.

  3. Yeah, M. Zuckerberg has created a platform that’s totally comparable to PC revolution/innovation (against conventional wisdom of the time), introduced paradigm shifts after paradigm shifts (i.e. GUI + mouse, touch and gestures, OOP in NeXT kernel etc.), desktop publishing, foster movie magic/creative rush, music consumption, parades of most commercially successful industrial design innovations in history and the list goes on.

    I guess, FB trumps all that as it affords us to “like” people like Steve Jobs and gab about it until someone blocks us.

    Dear Woz, have you noticed that whenever Jobs ever talked about you, seems mostly on stage, he only had fond things to say?
    Let’s stop this incessant need to reduce the man’s legacy, or drag him into every conversation and controversies. He’s gone. Let’s keep things classy. That’d be more in line with a true legend.

  4. with $50 billion in previous private equity raised through Goldman Sachs, the Facebook ponzi scheme PR offensive is on. They need to sell those shares to keep the pyramid scheme going long enough to get the original investors paid. What is the ratio of that class of shares to the IPO shares?

    Is Facebook just a fad like every other social network we’ve seen in the past… myspace… friendster… 6 degrees?

    1. Sadly, well said. A lot of little guys are going to be hurt once Facebook goes public. Unwittingly, they have been seduced by the hype and will pay a hefty price. The winners will be Zuckerberg and his cronies, along with the chosen few from Wall Street who got cut in for the IPO shares at steeply discounted prices. To pay for all this, the investment houses are superheating the stock’s opening price so that the fat cats can cash out at a handsome profit.

      And who will pay for that? The little guy.

      Tulip bulbs, anyone?

  5. Neither Mark Zuckerburg nor Steve Wozniak are fit to be mentioned in the same sentence with Steve Jobs, much less compared to him. What a shameless self-promoter the Woz has turned into!

  6. You gotta remember that this is a guy who was in a pretty bad plane crash at one time. Significant injuries to his brain.
    Think Bob Dylan’s motorcycle crash. Compare before/after, major achievements, both parties.

  7. “Zuckerberg like a combo of Jobs and me”

    I have a lot of respect for Woz. Yet that statement is absolutely ludicrous. I respectfully disagree with Mr. Woz. He is nothing like Steve Jobs nor Woz. Nothing!

    1. Yeah, I thought that statement was a bit over the top as well. Woz has more geek intelligence and inventive genius in his little pinky than Zuck has in his whole body. And comparing Zuck to Jobs is just a laugh.

      As usual Woz just trying to be kind and complementary I think. But a bit overboard on this call.

  8. I wouldn’t buy FB stock with someone else’s money.

    Still holding the AAPL I bought in 2003, though….at just under $11/share (which is STILL more than FB is worth, IMHO).

    FaceBook is nothing but the dot-com boom revisited…..just wait two years for the implosion.

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