Tim Bajarin: The challenge of competing with Apple

“There are many books out about Apple these days that talk about everything from Jobs’s history, tenets of Apple’s business models, to secrets about Apple’s internal management ideas. And most know that they differentiate themselves through great industrial design, incredible software and a rich ecosystem of software and services,” Tim Bajarin writes for TechPinions.

“However, after years of watching Apple close up and personal and having dealt with every one of their CEO’s from the beginning, as well as interacting with various Apple execs over the years, I would like to suggest that the reason Apple is hard to catch is that there are five additional principles, that guide Apple, that makes competing with Apple so difficult,” Bajarin writes.

• For any products that Apple creates, the people who create them have to want it themselves
• The products have to be easy to use
• Keep things simple
• Offer great customer service and in-store experiences
• Apple only makes a product if they can do it better
• Apple stays at least two years ahead of their competitors.

Read more in the full article (and that’s six additional principles, Tim, not five) here.


  1. I think the biggest thing is that Apple isn’t trying to copy anyone. You can’t compete if you’re trying to copy Apple. You need your own drive and motivation to compete, and to think of the best solution for the consumer

  2. Apple is always thinking about how the customer will respond to a product once he owns it not before. Other companies are driven by marketing meaning that they hang on lots features than can be sold without customer experience.

  3. From a presentation at WWDC 2004, …

    1) compete in a market with no clear leader
    2) compete in a market against those with weaker financials
    3) compete using intellectual property as a barrier to entry

  4. Well, where else did I see that same list….5/6 reasons for apple’s success, why apple is ahead(on different sites), etc…. Looks like people are running out of news to write about.

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