Fox News recommends Apple iPad, MacBook Air as ‘Gifts for Grads’ (with video)

Fox News’ “Gadget & Gizmos” segment features Clayton Morris who says, “I’ve gotten so many emails from parents asking ‘What do I get my son or daughter as they’re going off to college?’ … So many kids right now, all they really need is a tablet, they need an iPad.”

Morris then demonstrated the Jot stylus with the Paper app.

Morris then said “the 11-inch MacBook Air is the best computer I’ve ever used.”

There are many more Apple and Apple-related mentions in the full video:

Video va here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “HotinPlaya” for the heads up.]


      1. As if explaining that Paul Krugman is a New York Times Ultra-Liberal Op-Ed columnist and former Enron consultant isn’t enough, I thought you hated Wall Street, occupier?

        Why do you want them to “do better?”

        Perhaps “Wall Street” does “better” under democrats because democrats are more “on the take,” than Republicans?

        BTW: Krugman “doesn’t command respect in the profession,” as “no respectable macroeconomist” believes that economic stimulus works. – Nobel laureate Edward Prescott, March 6, 2009

        Of Obama, Prescott also said: “His policies are designed to depress the economy and are depressing the economy.”

        Just look around. Prescott was clearly correct.

          1. How about we let Europe first actually institute some balanced budgets that stop treating centralized government as a nanny state before we declare whether it’s working out or not?

            Or is that too logical for your occupier mind?

          2. All I see in Europe are a bunch of spoiled, welfare-addicted, whining crybabies mourning the loss of their statist freebies.

            The free ride is finally over. Government is not your mommy. You will have to actually earn your keep. Imagine that.

            1. Some of the Eurozone countries run a budget surplus despite having generous social welfare spending. More than anything the debt crisis in Europe has been caused by personal and business rather than government borrowing. Spain is a very good example. Government debt is only about 60% of GDP, way lower than most industrialised countries. However, personal debt is off the scale.

              So the thing that’s bringing the Eurozone down is “me, Me, ME” consumerism implemented without responsibility, not government policy.

      1. According to employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in Massachusetts under Romney’s governorship went from 3,224,600 to 3,270,400. That’s an additional 45,800 jobs.

        And under Obama, as of January, the U.S. as a whole still has 740,000 million fewer jobs than it did the month he took office.

        As of March, women accounted for 683,000 of the 740,000 jobs lost under Obama. War on women, indeed. And on African-Amercians, too. (At 13%, it’s 5 percentage points higher unemployment than the general population; black teen unemployment is 38.2 percent.)

        No sitting President since Franklin Roosevelt has won re-election when unemployment was over 7.2% on election day.

        1. Seeing as your pals The Crazies drove the world into our ongoing economic depression, you sure are strangely enthusiastic to get back to MORE OF THE SAME.

          But you’re kind of ignorant that way.

          Then again, I don’t see much hope for the DemoCraps being more than their usual wimpy selves either.

  1. Students these days have it so easy. Back in my day you needed an estate sized car just to transport the computer (Mac Performa), let alone your stereo, all your LPs, a TV (if you were lucky) and other assorted electronics. These days the whole lot fits in a MacBook Air.

    Mind you, I suppose that means there’s room for Mum to come along and give a teary goodbye in front of all your friends, so it’s swings and roundabouts.

        1. Don’t worry about that idiot. It is often said that those who say the most have the least to say, and that those who speak the loudest are the least sure of themselves.

          Honestly, he sounds more like he’s trying to convince himself than anyone else. I just hope I can an invite to that party, so I can collect his widdle tears and make some tea of my own with them. 😉

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