Apple strikes major blow against Samsung

“Apple (AAPL) struck a major blow to its frenemy Samsung in court,” Vincent Trivett reports for Minyanville.

“Samsung was sanctioned by a judge for refusing to obey a court order requiring it to reveal source code for a particular ‘design-around’ that Apple says violates its intellectual property,” Trivett reports. “Apple is claiming that Samsung’s TouchWiz skin for Android blatantly copies the look and feel of iOS and the source code should shed light on whether the interface was written specifically to avoid patent claims.”

Trivett reports, “While Samsung supplies parts for Apple products, the two gadget giants have filed 30 lawsuits against one another since April 2011.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. They do, because they’ve been replacing the “bounce” effect that’s in question here with a blue glow instead. That’s the code in question. Why they didn’t produce that code is odd.

  1. The biggest blow they can strike is to stop giving them billions in dollars in business every year. How fascinating a story when this company rakes it in from Apple while they make billions more on the back end from ripping off those same products.

      1. And your evidence for this assertion is…?

        If you follow both him and Groklaw on this case, between their two accounts you can probably get a good picture of both sides of the case.

        1. I can see what @really is saying. Mueller has admitted that he does consulting work for Oracle. There was a big dust-up over on Slashdot.

          That said, I find his work to be some of the most accessible on the topic of technology IP law. Everyone has an ax to grind and Mueller is far from the only person taking money from the companies he covers. Like you say, you should always consider multiple sources if you want the complete picture.

      2. Spoken like a true Fandroid. BTW- what version of Linux do you use?

        Fed Jury rules Google infringed Oracle’s IP. Today.

          1. Reuters had it almost an hour ago. They have not decided if Google was entitled to access to the code, but that Java was used.
            Otherwise, Google is down to a FRAND argument concerning Java. I think Oracle is due a bounce.

          2. (Reuters) – A Northern California jury on Monday found that Google Inc(GOOG.O) infringed upon Oracle Corp’s(ORCL.O) copyrights on the structure of part of the Java software programming language, in a high stakes trial over smartphone technology.

            However, the jury failed to decide after days of deliberation whether Google had the right to fair use of that copyrighted structure.

      3. Dosent he have more to gain by being right, than by somehow trying to sway us? I mean, the verdicts will come regardless of what Foss tells us. If his take on things is closer to the way it unfolds, the better for him.

  2. This isn’t a “major blow” to Samsung by any stretch; this is old news. This is just the latest incident of Samsung being able to successfully drag its feet while continuing to rip off Apple’s IP.

    Until “sanctions” are defined on a monetary basis, and that basis is substantial, this means nothing. It is nice to see Apple continuing to apply pressure and the court acknowledging that Samsung has been negligent in its obligations, however.

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