Apple patent application reveals wildly intelligent multi-tiered haptics system

“In March there was a rumor that the new iPad would include new advanced haptics that didn’t’ pan out,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple. “But make no mistake about it; Apple is hard at work on delivering such a feature in the future.”

“Apple has filed haptic related patents in In March 2011 and 2012. Yet today’s surprise invention packs a punch with a wildly intelligent multi-tiered haptics system,” Purcher reports. “The system will actually allow an iDevice display to deform so that it could provide the user with a button, an arrow or even a geological map to physically pop right out of the screen to give it 3D depth.”

Purcher reports, “If that wasn’t cool enough, Apple’s patent discusses a flexible OLED display that could be used for video glasses.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Crazy man, that’s so science fiction.

    My iPad is flexing it’s screen allowing me to touch and feel 3d bumps and lumps, prickles of a cactus, the smoothness of ice, the roughness of granular sand paper, the softness and warmth and malleability of skin oh yeah skin.
    iPad, oh magical i-Candy-Pad i can feel it, yes yes yes.
    My porn has never felt so alive.

      1. lol.
        You just need to pinch zoom to enlarge (or shrink, as the case may be) to proper size. Just don’t pinch too hard. (unless you have the Borrowers bondage edition app)

  2. There’s a lot to be intrigued with here. I love how they tease us without giving us the slightest clue as to how they’ll apply a flexible display.

    Then there’s the idea of painting something and being able to feel the texture of it on screen is insane.

    The idea that I could feel I’m spinning something or flipping something over like an icon or notepad and feel the gravity of it is crazy.

    With Steve Jobs gone, I hope that these kind of things come to be. Wonderment is what makes me appreciate Apple. I’m always able to think and wonder what’s next . Patent inventions take time to come to market, but the ideas allow the imagination to soar. Apple has to keep that alive.

    1. Right, keep innovation. Keep pressing forward the imagination. Make exciting stuff, a joy to use. Not these stories of stocks. Not the ups and downs of who suing who. Not their fancy cars, boats and homes, nor the user base and who’s winning the war. THE PRODUCTS please.

  3. “Apple is hard at work on delivering such a feature in the future.”

    How come? Patents do not indicate any intention to deliver anything. Apple has countless patents that were never and will never materialized in real products — those inventions patented “just in case”.

    The things discussed in those patents, specifically haptics system, have many limitations that will make them unavailable in real life products for many years, if ever.

    1. +1

      These “patents show what is going to happen” articles are very annoying. Especially so when they make it sound imminent. I guess they have to make it sound immediate and exciting to get page views.

    2. Na-na-na, the theme song of Naysayers. Phil Schiller in one of Apple’s iPad videos pointed to naysayers being negative and how much fun it’s been to prove them all wrong.

      The naysayers said no to Apple ever, ever touching a tablet again due to the failure of the Newton and Microsoft’s tablet. The naysayers laughed at the thought that little Apple could take on the likes of Motorola and Nokia in the cellphone. The list goes on and on about what naysayers thought and in the end were shown to be idiots. All of these products were shown to be in patents prior to their debut by 1,3 5 or more years.

      Naysayers are just losers who shit on anyone’s parade, especially Apple’s.

      And to Krioni, how do you interpret “in the future” as sounding imminent? Show it to me, please. Sounds like just another rambling naysayer mouthing off.

      Way to go Apple. Keep the ideas coming!

  4. It would be a real breakthrough for gaming controls – the lack of tactile buttons is pretty much the iPad’s only big criticism in this area.

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