Disney outfitting park employees with iPads to add even more magic to Magic Kingdom

“There has always been a strong connection between Apple and the Walt Disney Company,” 9to5Mac reports.

“Steve Jobs served on the board of directors for Disney and was the co-founder / CEO for Pixar, which was purchased by Disney to create some of the most memorable animated films ever,” 9to5Mac reports. “Jobs also used his knowledge from creating the most profitable retail chain in the world to help Disney rejuvenate their stale retail experience. Disney CEO Bob Iger now also sits on Apple’s board.”

9to5Mac reports, “Disney and Apple are set to grow even closer as Disney park employees are given iPads to handle guest relations…. The iPad will be the centerpiece for Disney’s revolutionary next-generation “FastPass” system. The current system allows for Disney park goers to receive a pass to return to popular attractions at a future time to bypass a lengthy line. Today, Disney World employees have begun being trained on a brand new system that will utilize RFID technology and the iPad to take the park goer experience to the next level.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Always been a strong connection between the two?

    Disney was started in 1923. More than 50 years before Apple.

    Oh you mean the two have always been connected for everyone born in 1996 or later? Gotcha.

    Congrats to Disney on the iPads.

  2. So many things wrong with this story. Steve job did not cofound Pixar, he acquired it from Lucas. Disney is one of the worst offenders when it comes to their WEB sites not being iDevice friendly. I thought after Steve got on the board for Disney we would see things change but it would seem he did not have any influence on the types of computers used at and around Disney. Apple has for the most part been treated a second class citizen when it comes to Disney software with the exception of Pixar related titles.

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