1. yep, it’s not Apple etc we should be directing our headaches at…

      When I saw the story a week or so ago about Apple was going to roll this out, was posted here on MDN, I sent a group iMessage out to every iOS owner i knew, letting them know that there is a change coming when they buy something off iTunes. and not to be alarmed when it pops up, it’s normal.

      not one person complained… pretty much everyone thanked me for giving them the heads up.

      If little old me knew this was coming.. but some blogger in the tech arena had no clue?..

      “I’m pretty certain that the interruption is not due to some sort of malware, since Apple has locked iOS down tight, but I don’t like the fact that Apple failed to provide any rationale for why these questions are being asked or how they’ll be used in the future.”

      It’s not Malware (the reason for the questions)
      You know when you get a new iOS device/mac and you purchase something? Apple sends you the email to verify you did purchase it.. after it’s been charged to your account…

      i’m betting you’ll need to answer the questions the next time you add a new Mac to your iTunes account, a new iOS device etc.

      I answered my questions on the iPad, took a screenshot of the questions/answers and tucked it away on my iMac so i won’t forget 🙂
      (I was away from WiFi so it never even got into photo stream and deleted the pic after I sent it via email.)

      1. “… but I don’t like the fact that Apple failed to provide any rationale for why these questions are being asked or how they’ll be used in the future.”

        I don’t get why the article’s writer was so concerned. If you don’t trust how Apple will use the information – just don’t give them the correct info. You just have to know what your answer was – it doesn’t have to be truthful.

    2. Sorry but, its not just the crooks that are at fault. iTunes needs serious updating in the sales / credit card area. I detected several purchases on my account that I did not make. I tried to notify iTunes… guess what… you can not. You pose an email and they get around to it when they feel like it.

      Well, they got back to me and told me that my card was bad for allowing those wrong purchases..!!!!!!!!! Then they disallowed my card for all future use.. Cause my card was bad…

      Now if my card gets hacked, I call my bank and someone comes on the line 24/7 and can trace the charge – halt it – and correct things. Apple is still treating that portion of iTunes as a HOBBY.

      I cannot update my apps without a credit card, I cannot buy items with out a card, my account is pretty much useless with out a card….. yet I cannot connect to iTunes, even Apple Care people CANNOT directly connect to iTunes people.

      Everything about Apple is pretty great…… except for their iTunes credit card handling side. Its scary. Any one else have problems. ???

      1. You strike mw as a bit confused. If your credit card gets “hacked,” your bank should CANCEL AND REPLACE it. Apple canceled it as far as iTunes is concerned, which is all they could do.
        If your bank allows you to go right on using a compromised credit card, it is a pretty pathetic bank.

        1. imppaul, I fear YOU might be a bit confused;

          eldernorm never said his bank won’t cancel his card and issue him a new one.
          eldernorm said that his bank can trace the charge – halt it – and correct things (which can include cancelling the compromised card, and issuing a new one).

          1. If so, why hasn’t he linked his new card to iTunes?
            Or simply gone out to a local store, picked up an iTunes card, and used that to cover transactions in iTunes?
            The scenario he presented is easily resolved.

  1. Adam Angst having a spring break? This guy’s older than the hills.

    Spring break at the end of April? It’s just a week away from the local university’s graduation.

    And confused? it sounds like he was just PO’ed because he didn’t want to spend two minutes reading the questions, deciding which one, then inputting the answer. Oh no, I want my free iPhone app right now! Sounds like he’s lonely for Tanya right about now…

    No pit, Adam, no pity.

    1. I don’t have an issue with extra security, but I do have an issue with really dumb questions.
      If they were gonna do that feature properly, you’d be able to choose your own questions, not be given a crap selection.

  2. Learning to touch the iPad screen sends some users into a panic. A friend bought my iPad 1 and got an “IPad for Dummies” book. But he gave me my iPad back because “Obviously this book was written for computer experts.” I believe that over 50% of Americans are baffled by anything more difficult than a yo-yo.

  3. My work Wi-Fi screwed up the process. I had to turn of Wi-Fi and then I was able to proceed. There were plenty of questions to choose from. I was looking for “what is the length of your great left toe?” but was unable to find that one.

  4. creepy and intrusive?

    These techniques and this type of question has been used for years. In order for it to work, it has to be something that cannot be easily deduced.

    This is the kind of story that should never be written.

    1. These are all questions for retaeded adolescents. I don’t think about old cars or old teachers. I never made a point of memorizing when I bought what albums. There are no questions for grown ups on the list.

      1. You got there ahead of me. My questions would have been best and worst wife. best pizza, best BBQ sauce, best pipe organist (well, maybe not that last one).

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