Apple at $1,111 per share with a $1 trillion market cap in the next year

“Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White… who made headlines back in April by setting a $1,001 target on Apple shares, has raised that price to an even headier high: $1,111,” John Paczkowski reports for AllThingsD.

“Which is an interesting target, and not just for its numerical symmetry,” Paczkowski reports. “As I’ve noted here before, Apple will become the world’s first trillion-dollar company when its share price hits about $1,072.”

Paczkowski reports, “So, by setting his target at $1,111 per share, White is predicting that Apple’s market cap will hit a trillion dollars sometime in 2013.”

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  1. Music to my Apple stock ears. Jeez though I wish the doomsayers who only exist to make up wildly inaccurate scenarios to depress the stock that NEVER pan out (and don’t know squat) would just shut the hell up. There oughtta be a law…

  2. Seems a bit exhuberant. AAPL share price historically tracks cash at about $5 per $10B. This quarter Apple increased cash by $12B. If they do that for six more quarters that would increase cash by about $70B which would add $350 to the share price. This very simple model predicts $950 by the late fall of 2013.

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