Apple earnings crush analysts’ estimates yet again

“Apple (AAPL), the world’s largest company by market cap and recent investor darling, reported great earnings just a few minutes ago. The company saw profits come in at $12.30/share well above the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $10.03/share, pushing the stock up over 7.2% immediately after the release,” Eric Dutram reports for Zacks.

“This solid beat comes after some were beginning to grow worried over the firm and its impressive growth trajectory. Concerns were building over the recent price slump and anxiety over a possible decline in subsidies from telecom giants AT&T and Verizon for the iPhone,” Dutram reports. “However, these worries were easily dispelled after the company’s release as AAPL once again crushed lofty expectations for growth in many of its key products.”

MacDailyNews Take: Trumped up “worries” are easily dispelled.

Dutram reports, “While the huge beat may have come as a surprise to some, those who have been following the earnings estimate trend in AAPL probably aren’t too surprised as analysts have generally been quite bullish on the tech giant… The company has seen earnings estimates rise almost universally over the past month with seven analysts raising their estimates in the past seven days and 13 raising their estimates in the past 30 days. ”

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  1. Analcysts intentionally forecast low. If they followed the amateurs they would make less money.
    Beta t it down, pick up shares and profit on the beat, no big beat, less stolen cash.

      1. Us dyslexics knew exactly what you were saying. 😉

        On topic: I have yet to see or read or hear a tech stock pund-ant pud pulling analist accurately prognosticate the earnings of Apple. And I have been an Apple aficionado since 1983 when I bought a Lisa.

        There have been rough spots but I tell you, this has been the best “bet” on a fruit company I have ever made.


  2. As with rumors of iPhone 5 (?) being made with everything under the sun and with every conceivable configuration, and the MacBook rumors, these market rumors are just that. Rumors. And Apple continues to dispell them. Why these knuckleheads get paid for this, I’ll never understand…

  3. “Concerns were building over the recent price slump…”
    Concern were building over an imaginary number that has nothing to do with how the company is actually doing? What a bunch of BS. The concerns were weather the stock would drop low enough before the earnings call to let them make tons of money on the sale.

  4. I’m pretty sure this quarter’s iPhone numbers was just a fluke. It’s the next quarter we really have to be worried about. That’s when Apple jumps the shark, for certain.


    It’s so odd that with Apple, the naysayers always claim next quarter’s numbers will always be worse instead of better without the least shred of solid evidence pointing to their conclusion.

  5. Bat Sh!t insane forecasts- beaten…

    I wonder when the public will realize the easy money to be made prior to earnings calls on Apple?

    I hope those deserving of it earnt on it!

  6. so the next time around Apple needs yet again to beat expectation plus better its iDevices and iMacs and Lion and all other parts – what pressure… sheeeezh.

  7. Lack of Subsidies won’t stop the sale of the iPhone. I bought my last one full price from Apple so it is completely unlocked and not tied in to any telecom companies.

    Overseas rates are so cheap compared to north America.

  8. Is anyone ever going to investigate the FUD circulated to manipulate stock prices like this? Notice how AAPL often seems to dip right before good news sends it back up? There needs to be accountability in finance journalism.

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