11 must-have iPad accessories

“I’ve owned an iPad since 2010, and I have to admit, it’s pretty self-sufficient. That’s the appeal: one simple slab that can do everything. Or, nearly everything,” Scott Stein writes for CNET.

“Of course, we all know the iPad has its limitations. That’s where peripherals can come in handy,” Stein writes. “For instance, how do you connect a camera? What about streaming audio or video out to a TV or stereo? How do you go about protecting your investment with a case?”

Stein writes, “Here are some of the most useful iPad accessories you’re likely to find. You probably won’t need all of them, but you’re almost guaranteed to get serious use out of more than one of them.”

11 must-have iPad accessories:

• iPad camera connection kit
• Apple TV
• iPad digital AV adapter
• Wacom Bamboo Stylus
• Belkin YourType Folio + Keyboard
• Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad
• A Smart Cover-friendly back shield, or a folio case
• A good set of earphones (with a mic)
• Bluetooth speaker: Jawbone Jambox
• Ion iCade arcade cabinet
• 4G hot spot

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “ajdowntown” for the heads up.]


  1. First 3 and the cover. Yes.
    A keyboard?… Still with the keyboard crap.
    4G hotspot?.. Just get the Verizon iPad 3rd gen.
    Headset with mic? Headphones yes, mic? Maybe.

  2. I think most people don’t realize that a mobile wifi hotspot allows you to use FaceTime anywhere. FaceTime is stil online available using wifi. So that is plus. Of course using your phone to create a wifi zone for you ipador vice versa can also accomplish the same the thing. Mobile wifi zones have crap for battery life.

  3. Wait a sec, here. Add all those in together and you have…a Rube Goldberg contraption* vaguely resembling an Dell 15″ slab. I bought my iPad 2 for total portability, not so I’d have to get an extra tote bag for all those “don’t need” accessories. If I’m at home, the iPad is a handy device while seated on the deck or in bed, but I’m not going to lug around all that other stuff.

    *A Rube Goldberg machine is something that is needlessly complex that performs a very easy task, like brass marbles rolling on a wire track, tripping all sorts of triggers and stuff, eventually lifting a match out of a box and striking it against sandpaper so it will ignite, and you can then light your cigar from it. Functional but over-specced (specked?).

  4. I need none of these. I’m happy with my new iPad – I sold my 1st gen. I met a guy in BestBuy who just had to spend an extra $200 because he ‘Needed the biggest’ He had over 700 apps – and needed every one of them available. Fool!

    1. If you chose to save your money and manage your device, that’s your choice. Some of us just want to use our devices as we see fit, without having to manage them.

      Some people also have more disposable income than others.

  5. People keep bashing the keyboard. For most users, I would agree.

    But, if you’re a technical guy (like me) who uses a terminal from your iPad to connect to other Unix server using SSH and perform maintenance work (iSSH is a blessing), a keyboard is a MUST. sing the screen can be very limiting in those cases.

    I’d say, if you write a lot, a keyboard might also be better than typing on the screen.

    So, the keyboard need is about the USER and CHOICE. You’re not dumber or less if you need a keyboard. You’re just a different user.

    Same with the stylus. I don’t see any use to it. But my dad loves a stylus when using his iPad.

    So, please don’t bash people because of their preferences.

  6. I like my keyboard. It’s a Kensington, though I could also be happy with some other. I use a Dvorak keyboard and Apple only permits that with an external keyboard. And you can’t type well without looking on an onscreen keyboard, but you can with an external one. Obviously preference, but I wish people would stop badmouthing externals.

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